30 Days of Truth: Day 23

So, if you haven’t noticed – I’m sure most of you have – I haven’t exactly been posting daily. I gave up on trying to do it daily as there was no way it would happen. I’m just content to get it done every few days or so.


I had a few experiences come to mind, but the one I feel most comfortable sharing is the following…

A few weeks before Tanis was born, I had this dream where he was born early and even though I was totally freaked out – everything was fine. I remember waking from this dream and was so happy to realize that it had just been a dream and my baby was perfectly fine – as I was still EXTREMELY pregnant. I recounted the dream to Eric and he just said, “It was just a dream – relax.” (He tells me that pretty much anytime I tell him I had some sort of dream that might mean something…)

Flash forward to a few weeks later. I was 36 weeks pregnant and working a full time job. I went to work in the morning feeling just fine, but as the day progressed I started feeling ‘off’. I went home early and remember a coworker telling me not to have the baby over the weekend. I laughed it off, sure that I still had 4 weeks or more. (All my Mom’s babies came around their due date or late)

I got home and took a nap. I woke up feeling refreshed and Eric decided he wanted to have my little brothers over to play some games. I went to pick up my brothers and I was standing in our hallway talking to Eric when my water broke.

I panicked and kinda froze, unsure what to do. Eric told me to go into the bathroom and call my mom. My mom walked me through everything to do next and got my Dad to come over and give me a blessing before we left for the hospital.

I labored through the night and delivered around 8:00 a.m. the next morning. There were all sorts of NICU and that type of medical personnel all around. Not knowing that this was out of the norm I really didn’t think much about it. Tanis was a healthy boy and was one of my bigger babies. Born 4 weeks early and perfectly healthy.

It wasn’t until years later that I realized just how unhealthy it can be for babies born a month early. I was so naive that I didn’t realize 4 weeks can really make or break babies really being ‘ready’. I didn’t realize there was a chance our little baby boy wouldn’t be able to come home with us. I certainly wouldn’t have been prepared for that situation.

It also didn’t occur to me until years later just what that dream meant and how it would affect me. I believe the Lord ‘spoke’ to me in a way that I could remember and reflect back upon. I believe I needed that information. I needed to know that the Lord was watching out for me and my son. I needed to know that even though my first born would come to us so early, he would be perfectly healthy.

I know others have had much more spiritual experiences, even when it comes to their children. As for me, this was on of the very first ones I had and one I will always remember. I wasn’t even worried that my kid would come early, I was a little nervous that he wouldn’t be okay and something would be wrong with him – but that was just first time mommy fears. It was a spiritual experience I needed in my life. And I so thankful the Lord blessed us with a healthy baby and I know that doesn’t always happen.

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