30 Days of Truth: Day 21


Well it was rude of them to exclude the signifigant other. Geez…We all know that my very best friend is Eric, so why did they have to specifically exlude them, huh?

Oh well. So the truth of the matter is this wasn’t a hard choice. I have friends, but not really any that would be considered a ‘best’. Besides Eric, my best friend is my little sister, Kaeloni. (Yes, my parents tried to find original names…)

Kaeloni is 10 years and 22 days younger than me. Normally that distance in age wouldn’t make for an ideal situation for us to be best friends, but it happened for us.

We shared a room from the time Kaeloni was in a bed. She kept me up many a night with her wonderful storytelling and imagination. She prepared me for motherhood by waking me in the middle of the night to take her to the bathroom, or because she was having a nightmare. On one of our trips to the bathroom (We were in the basement, our bathroom was upstairs) I tripped over something in the family room and dropped her onto her head. She ended up with a slight concussion. I felt wonderful about that. One night she woke up screaming trying to save her friend.

Because of our age difference, she ended up making a great babysitter for me when I first had kids. My kids loved having her babysit and she was always so good with them – she still is. I’ve been so blessed to have her around and that we always lived close enough that she could babysit when I needed her to. Because we lived close she’d also just come over to hang out.

Kaeloni got pregnant at 16 and that was a major trial in her life. Because of what I went through when I was her age I was able to understand what she was going through a little better than most of the people around her. I was fortunate and didn’t have to deal with a pregnancy at such a young age, but I did know what it was like dealing with my parents on the whole sex before marriage topic. She got married 3 months before her son was born. Therefore, we were both married with young kids and had that to bond on.

We’ve been close since all this went down. Because of our similar life experiences we could talk to each other without being judged for our actions or inactions. We are alike in a lot of ways, and in all the ways we are different I’m okay with. I never feel like I am being judged by Kaeloni and that’s not the case with all of my siblings. Kaeloni’s one of the only ones who was honestly excited when we told family about Ailey. I needed that. It then helped that she was only 1 month behind me with that pregnancy. Our little girls are so cute together and are both like their mommies already.

I’m so glad Kaeloni was able to move out around me. It’s made our relationship better and it’s been nice to have her close when I needed someone. I am sad that she’s going to be moving again in the next few months. She’ll still be close, but not AS CLOSE – which means less time together. BOO!

Anyway, I think I went a bit overboard…but that is my best friend and sister – Kaeloni!

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