30 Days of Truth: Day 20

I’ve got to be one of THE BIGGEST slackers/procrastinators in the world. I’ve been putting this post off for days because it’s kinda dumb. But I’m finally getting to it, that should count for something.


Okay, so I tend to have a similar philosophy as my dad when it comes to movies. And that is something to the effect of “Why own a movie when you’ve already seen it. You know what’s going to happen.”

So yeah, I feel that way quite a bit – BUT I have been known to buy movies that I really, really liked. Usually though, it’s Eric buying movies or me buying movies for the kids.

This topic is hard for me because I don’t really have a “FAVORITE” movie. Instead, I tend to have a few that I like more than others, on any given day. So that being said here are my likes at the moment…


This movie was so good from beginning to end. I just loved it….

Hahaha, okay not really. I only put this one in here because it was filmed at my High School my Sophomore year. It’s kind of funny to realize that. And the fact that I’ve seen Kathryn Heigl up close and personal makes me laugh. Of course I never actually MET her, I just walked by her in the hall one day – and of course I had NO IDEA who she was!

Now seriously…


I’ve just liked this movie from day one. I guess in some ways it just spoke to me and I love all the humor that’s in it. The fact that it’s a musical is even more entertaining to me. Then you throw in the fact that Eric got it for us to watch one day AND watched it with me – meant even more. I don’t think I could ever get sick of this movie. Plus, Pierce Brosnan is in and he sings. He isn’t the greatest singer – but he does okay and I actually enjoyed it.


I ♥ Robin Williams! I think this was the first movie I saw with him in it. I was pretty young and my older sister had either bought or rented it and we watched it. I loved the beginning when he is giving voice to the bird and he gets fired for sending a good message to kids. I also love the fact that he was desperate to stay connected with his kids and so he didn’t stop at anything to be able to be with them. I love how he grows as a person as well and how his kids realize just how much they mean to their dad! Okay – Pierce Brosnan is in it as well – in a swimsuit at one point – and yeah, I may have a small crush on him. 😉

#4 – CLUE

I remember the first time I saw this movie that my Mom made it a huge deal. We went to the movie store, rented the video, stopped at the grocery store for candy and ice cream. Came home and we all huddled around the basement TV and watched Clue! I know I missed A LOT of innuendo’s as a kid that I just laugh at now. This movie always makes me laugh. My older sister had CLUE on VHS and introduced my kids to it. So recently Tanis kept bugging me to get it. He really, really wanted our own copy of Clue. I found it for fairly cheap on Amazon and bought it. It’s fun to share something that I first saw as a kid with my kids who are probably about the same age I was when I saw it.


This is one of those movies I haven’t bought, yet. I watched this with my friend when I was probably a pre-teen. My friend was in love with the movie and was adament that she was going to name her kids after Shelby and her husband. (She didn’t) But it is such a good movie and yes, very much a chic flick! It was fun to see Dolly Parton acting since I had only known her to be a singer. I also loved that she was a beautician as that’s what I aspired to at that point in my life. I felt a lot like Darryl Hannah’s character and really understood what she was feeling. It broke my heart with everything that happened to Shelby and how Grandma had to come pick up the pieces. So, it’s one to watch when you need a good cry!

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