A Little Girl Time

Our ward’s Fathers and Sons was last weekend, August 19th & 20th. Eric really wasn’t sure he wanted to go camping again – seeing as how we’d gone so much in so little time, but because all his buddies in the ward were going, he decided to go. I wondered if he’d take Nathaniel cause he still isn’t potty trained. (I know, I know…But I attempted to start potty training in the summertime – BAD IDEA! All he wanted to do was play) But, to my delight Eric took Nataniel with him. That meant it was just the girls and I.

I knew I wanted to make the best of the weekend with my girls and actually ‘do’ something instead of just sitting around at home. First of all I decided Ailey needed some bangs. She looked horribly like an orphan child when I didn’t get around to doing her hair. Plus I just felt bad that her hair was always hanging in her eyes. I know it annoys me.

So we got Ailey some bangs. She did great sitting in the chair for some stranger. I wish I had taken my camera, but I forgot. I still can’t believe how different and more grown up she looks. At times it really makes me sad.

After the bang cut we went to a movie. I let Shaylyn choose and the choice was really only between Harry Potter and The Smurfs. I didn’t really want to go a movie with Ailey in the first place, and I think I kind of steered Shaylyn in the direction of Smurfs because Ailey would tolerate it better.

We got popcorn and drinks and enjoyed our movie. It was cute enough, but probably not ever one that would be my favorite. Ailey actually sat really well through the whole thing and only got antsy about 10 minutes before it was over. I think that was awesome for a 1 year old. Ailey liked the Smurfs, but would snuggle up close anytime Gargamel came onto the screen. She loved the cat and laughed when the cat did something funny. I think Shaylyn enjoyed the show as well.

After the movie we went to dinner at Olive Garden. It’s one of my faves – I don’t know why, it just is. I had a bit of an awkward moment as a bunch of ladies from the ward came at the same time sans kids. It was obvious they had a group thing going on. They did invite me to join them and I declined at first, but the one lady wouldn’t really let me. After talking to the hosting staff though it would’ve been another half hour to find a table for all of us and I decided that would be mean to make them wait for another half hour. Plus, I would’ve totally felt like I was intruding – after all, I wasn’t even invited in the first place…

Anyway the girls and I had a fun time eating. Shaylyn was in a silly mood and just kept making me laugh. Ailey had her first experience of drinking out of a straw and she did awesome! Ailey had to eat some of my food and she made a wonderful mess, but at least she ate.

After dinner we went home. Ailey went to sleep shortly after we got home and Shaylyn and I stayed up and watched some episodes of Medium on Netflix until I decided I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore and headed to bed.

In the morning we took a trip to IKEA. I wanted to find a small desk thing for the kids’ laptop to keep in the kitchen. Something so it looked nice, even though it’s in the kitchen. I also found a cute little light to go in the girls room. We had a nice lunch and once again Ailey ate my meal. We came home and were able to relax for an hour or so before our boys returned.

I felt bad I spent so much money when the boys were just ‘camping’, but hey – I made the most of the time with my girls and we had fun. I can’t wait for next year…

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