Because We Love Her…

So my sweet Mother In Law had a birthday earlier this month. I always like to give her something with meaning or something of use. This year I was sick for almost the whole week before her birthday and was sick on her birthday. Luckily by Sunday I was completely better so we were able to have her birthday party.

On Saturday I got to work getting her birthday present together. I decided to do the ‘song frame’ things that I did for our siblings for Christmas. I had a hard time thinking of a song, but when I asked Eric for his opinion, he gave me the perfect song.

Now I only have the saved file picture – even though I made a nice plaque type thing for her gift. I had to wrap it on Sunday after church and because I had been puked on by the sweetest 2 year old boy, my only thoughts after church were to get changed ASAP and get the present wrapped…Getting a picture of the completed gift went out the window…

I decided that just giving her the plaque wouldn’t be enough. She just HAD to hear the song as well. At first we were just going to find the YouTube video of it and play it for her, but then I had the idea to make a video with pics of her boys growing up and I tried to match the picture with the words in the song. It worked out so much better than I thought it would.

My Mother in Law LOVED the video. She watched it over and over again. Eric even had to get it onto her new phone (Gift from Greg and his girlfriend) so that she could take it to work the next day to share with all her coworkers. I never expected the video to go over as well as it did, but it made me so happy to know that she LOVED it.

She may now hate me for sharing it on my blog, but I think it’s hilarious and such a good song for mom’s…Plus, I get to share pictures of Eric as an ornery little kid! Enjoy!!!

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