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Ugh, I hate school starting again. I always do and it always seems like it comes way too soon. Then there’s the list of things you planned to do that didn’t get done and then I feel like a failure as a Mom. Oh well. There’s always next summer, right?

So on August 17th, the kids got to go to the school and check out class lists. As a kid I LOVED that day. We never knew exactly what day the lists were going to be posted so for two weeks or so before school started we took daily bike rides down to the school. I hated people telling me who my teacher was before I had a chance to look – so I took my kids early in the morning. Well, early for me – it was like 10:00. πŸ˜‰

Lex has a couple kids in his class from last year, but doesn’t really have any ‘friends’ in his class. Shaylyn has quite a few kids from last year as well, though both of her good friends moved and her ‘boyfriend’ is in another class. Tanis really lucked out this year and has a whole group of boys from the ward in his class and his ‘girlfriend’ is also in his class which made him happy.

School started yesterday. I would’ve posted about it yesterday, but I had to go grocery shopping. That’s one positive thing about school – I can go grocery shopping with 2 kids instead of 5.

The kids were all thrilled to go back to school. Lex kept saying the night before, “I can’t WAIT for tomorrow.” I’m glad they’re still young enough to enjoy school. I think Shaylyn’s the only slightly reluctant one and that’s because school can get boring for her.

I got up early yesterday morning and actually made breakfast. I usually just make them fend for themselves with cereal or a poptart. Then we got everyone dressed in their new duds and took the yearly pictures. I got the idea for the fingers representing the grade from my cousin. I think it’s an awesome idea, just wish I would’ve had it earlier.

Nate and Ailey didn’t mind the kids leaving. This was much better than last year. Last year Nathaniel got so upset when the kids walked off down the sidewalk to school. He actually started screaming and crying. It was sad.

This year though the little kids were able to play video games without the older siblings bugging them. Okay, so Nate was playing – Ailey was attempting. Mariokart can be hard when you’re 1!

The kids were still all smiles when they got home from school. Costco had supplied all the kids in the school with a new backpack. (Not that my kids needed them…) Everyone had a good day. I got to work on all the ‘homework’ that the parents get on the first day and always enjoy doing it. It was a good day and I think Tanis was super blessed to get the teacher he got. I was reading through this teacher’s disclosure document and these parts stood out to me:

* “… points will be rewarded more for effort than they will for quantity.”

* “I never have been, nor will I ever be, a teacher who gives a grade blindly based on test and assignment performances. Students are more than the results that they produce on paper.”

* ” Our nation has become so concerned about how individuals look on paper that we hardly see them as individuals any more. Students see this in us and they learn very quickly to become apathetic. They need to know that they are VALUED as a PERSON and not as a STATISTIC.”

* ” They only way to fail in my class is to simply not try.”

Tanis has some difficulties in school. He always has. I’ve been impressed with the teachers who have noticed this and have helped him out the best way they knew how. However, he doesn’t get the decent grades in some subjects because of it. I am glad he’s been put with a teacher that takes a look at the student. Tanis may not be as quick as other students, but he definitely tries – I am glad that will be noticed.

Anyway I’m excited for this year for the kids, even though I am sad they won’t be home all day anymore. I guess I’m one of those crazy moms. Eric even made fun of me for being sad school was starting again…

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One Comment on “Back To The Daily Grind

  1. I'm certainly impressed with Tanis's teacher!! She sounds like she understands what education really is. πŸ™‚ I hope ALL of your kids have such great teachers, Shilo!


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