30 Days of Truth: Day 18


I had to think about this answer for awhile, but I came up with an answer and that answer is my ex-boyfriend, Tolon.

Think that’s an odd answer? Well keep on reading – it’ll make sense at the end.

It was the start of my Junior year of high school and because I have a birthday in Fall I had Driver’s Ed first semester. I only knew one person in the whole class though it ended up not mattering because the teacher sat us alphabetically. An odd way alphabetically, but it ended up that I was sat next to this kid named Tolon.

I didn’t know him from Adam. He went to a different Jr. High school and I really didn’t know anyone he knew and vice versa. But being the kind person he is – he started talking with me. It wasn’t long before we fell into ‘deep like.’

By the end of the semester we were officially a ‘couple’ and even had a few classes together. (Does every high school couple do that or was it just me with my boyfriends?) We only dated for about 5 months because I eventually got bored and started getting a crush on Eric. HAHAHA!

I’ve explained how I met Tolon randomly, but now I’ll get to the reason he had such an impact on my life.

I was very unsure of myself. VERY unsure. I hated that I had to wear glasses, I thought I was horribly fat and my older sister like never dated so I was sure my high school life was going to be a similar story. I even told my bishop at the time that I was NEVER going to date. Not because I didn’t want to, but because no one would want to date me.

So then came Tolon. He genuinely liked me! I didn’t have to pretend to be someone I wasn’t. He liked the person I was. He made me look for the good in life, made me search for the good in myself. He came to see me before Christmas one Saturday morning and I hadn’t gotten dressed or done my hair or any of that stuff. I was so mortified that he saw me in that condition, but he said something to the effect of he still thought I looked pretty. That was an awesome thing to hear. Now Eric will try to tell me that he said it just because he was a guy and he wanted something – but I’ll tell you it was just him. That’s the way he was. He was always trying to build me up and NEVER said anything to destroy me emotionally. I felt really bad that I broke up with him. My mom even told me that I was a happier person with Tolon and she honest to goodness wrote him a letter thanking him for all that he did for me.

Because of Tolon I was able to learn to love myself a little more. I was able to see what I was capable of. I found out that there was more to me than a goofy girl with glasses. He taught me that there are possibilites in life and sometimes it’s fun to be a little spontaneous. It may have only been 5 short months of my life, but everything he taught me has lasted a lifetime!

So there is the person I met randomly that’s made an impact in my life. And to be fair here, Eric has done so much more than Tolon did, but Tolon was the first one that happened along and I didn’t really meet Eric randomly otherwise I may have chosen him. 😉

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One thought on “30 Days of Truth: Day 18

  1. Lynette says:

    I've been quietly reading your posts. : ):) But I decided to comment on this one (I hope that's okay).

    I didn't know you dated Tolon! At least, I don't remember you dating him. He WAS a good guy! I find it kinda strange that I never had a crush on him — he was good looking, nice, funny and smart. 🙂 I feel like I can relate to what you said about Tolon. My first boyfriend was a similar experience. I had never had a guy that I liked, like me back (the same way) AND tell me I was pretty or beautiful, until that first boyfriend. I didn't need anything more — I just needed to hear it and I've never forgotten it because after that first boyfriend, I felt a lot more confident about myself and I knew if it could happen once, it would probably happen again at some point in the future. And sure enough, when I met my husband, I knew the feeling again of having someone accept me for me and tell me I was beautiful to boot! 🙂

    Anyway, just wanted to tell ya. 🙂


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