30 Days of Truth: Day 17


I could answer this with so many people. Seriously. As a kid it seemed that every time I made a best/really good friend they would move away. It happened A LOT! (No wonder I have abandonment issues and don’t open up easily…) I still get sad when I think about how many friendships I’ve lost because of people moving. I am not very good at long distance friendships apparently. Thankfully, I’ve found a lot of those people again on Facebook, but not all of them.

For this topic I chose Jenny J.

Jenny was my bestest friend from about 5th grade to 7th. We shared so much and had so much fun together. We both came from large families and knew the feeling of only having money for our needs.

Both of our families respected the Sabbath Day in as much that neither one of us were allowed to play on Sunday. (That wasn’t the case with all the kids in the ward) We both understood what it was like to feel like a bit of an ‘outcast’ and to not really be considered one of the ‘pretty’ girls.

We spent A LOT of time together. It didn’t matter whose house we were at either because the noise level was the same in both places. Our Mom’s had a few kids at the same time and we bonded over that. Her mom lost a baby shortly before my mom did and Jenny ‘held my hand’ dealing with the experience.

Jenny’s Dad got a good job in a city that was about an hour from my house, so they built a big, beautiful home in that city and moved away. Jenny was so much better at keeping in contact than I was. Eventually, the correspondence just stopped.

My mom still received Christmas letters from Jenny’s mom that told what everyone was up to. I lived for that letter so I could see how my friend was doing. It was always nice to hear what she was accomplishing and knowing that she stayed on the path that she had wanted to.

When she got married, we got an invite (well my parents did). I, of course, HAD to go! I was pregnant with Shaylyn I think and felt a bit awkward around her on her big day. She was so sweet though and made sure to take time to talk with me and see what I was up to. A year or so later, through the yearly Christmas letter, I found out that she and her husband had moved out of state so that he could go to school.

I was working PT at the job I had in High School around Christmas time one year and in walked Jenny and her mom. I was FLOORED! First of all, Jenny was living out of town and secondly, the mall I worked at was at least 45 minutes from her mom’s house. But for whatever reason they ordered something that only the store in the mall I was working in had. Jenny just happened to be visiting for Christmas.

It was so nice to see her again and to visit for a few minutes. That was the last time I saw her and that was a good 6 years ago or so. For awhile a bit back we were exchanging emails and I even read her blog. But then when I updated my blog I totally lost her blog address and have also lost her email address…I am a horrible friend.

I would love to run into her again. She’s one of those friends that I can just talk to right where we left off.

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