30 Days of Truth: Day 15


This is a strange truth, in my opinion. It wasn’t very easy for me either. There really isn’t any group/person that’s IMPACTED my life, but these two have played a huge role in my love of music, so I’m going in that direction.

#1 – Reba McEntire

Reba was one of the very first musicians I listened to. It could be because my cousin bore an uncanny resemblance to Reba for a long time…

…or it could just be that my brother was big into country music and I started to fall in love with Reba’s songs. I also remember being at a friends house once, watching music videos (we didn’t have cable channels at my house) and Reba’s Fancy came on. I was pretty much hooked.

Since then Reba has gotten a hold of some very awesome songs that have touched me in just the right way. She’s not afraid to go after those ‘risky’ topic songs and puts emotion into everything she does. She is a terrific story teller and she really seems like a down to earth person. (Of course, I could really be wrong there.)

My favorite song by Reba right now is I Keep On Loving You.


I was really into country music when Eric and I first got married. We were living in his parents basement and Eric was still working a mall job – which meant he worked some nights. Because I had a ‘real’ job, I was often home ‘alone’ at night.

I spent a good portion of those nights watching the country music video channels on tv. I kept seeing a music video and swore I had seen one of the girls before. Eric told me I was crazy, I probably was. Although, she is actually in SATURDAY’S WARRIOR – so there!

Anyway, I kept watching this video and decided I liked the music A LOT! I did some digging and found out they were from UTAH! And even more than that, they lived in the city next to the city I grew up in. Of course, that made me want their music even more.

So I bought their first CD. While looking at the dedications on the cover jacket I noticed a last name. They were thanking a whole family of this last name. It wasn’t a popular last name and I knew of people with the same last name and I wondered if they could be related. A few years later I discovered they were. I actually grew up with cousins of SHeDAISY’s.

Even without knowing they were related to these people, I fell in love with the music. The sister that writes the music is so talented and has penned a few songs that describe my feelings to a ‘t’. So they’ve always been big on my list because they’ve been able to say things that I am feeling, but struggle to say.

The first video I ever saw was Little Goodbyes:

My favorite song right now is God Bless The American Housewife:

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