No Longer A Little Boy…

Tanis turned 11 on July 22. Seriously 11? I don’t feel that old, so how is it possible that he is that old? Time and age are funny things.

On Tanis’ actual birthday I had quite a day. I went to a job interview at 10 a.m. that ended up being a group interview. I felt really good about it and got home around 11:30. I wrapped up Tanis’ gift and after the kids did some cleaning we let him open it up.

He was so excited to have a Harry Potter Lego set that he had to set it up right away. He didn’t have a whole lot of time to get started on it because we had to head out to a movie. Around 12:00 or so, Tanis and I headed out.

Tanis decided he wanted to see Harry Potter 7.2 in 3D(Part of the reason only Tanis and I went – can you imagine the cost for the whole family!). Most of the time I don’t care for 3D – but I thought it really added to Harry Potter. We ate lunch during the movie – we opted for pizza and breadsticks. Tanis thoroughly enjoyed the movie – even though he never saw 7.1 or even 6 for that matter.

After the movie was over we headed to the store to get his birthday party stuff. We lucked out and they had a Harry Potter cake already available, so we just had them write his name on it and we were off. They didn’t have ANY decorations for Harry Potter – so I figured I could send Eric out the next day to a different Walmart to find some. Because it was Tanis’ birthday I let him choose the meal to buy.

We got home and Tanis and Eric got busy finishing up Hagrid’s Hut, while I made dinner. I like that what Tanis chose was simple and really just needed to be warmed up. We spent the rest of the evening just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.


Tanis’ birthday party was on Sunday the 24th. He had a slightly better turn out than Lex and I’m starting to think that having people come out to our house really doesn’t work well. LOL!

Anyway, he was so happy all day and so very thankful for every gift he got.

Tanis really is a sweet kid. He was mostly pleased with all his gifts and was so glad to have everyone there.

Tanis is growing up so fast and it makes me sad. I remember those first few months with him, struggling to figure things out. I remember he didn’t always like to go to sleep at night, and I’d get so stressed because I didn’t want our neighbors hearing his crying and getting upset with us. So, he got a lot more snuggle time at night than the other kids have. The rest of them learned the hard way. 😉

He’s been such a sweetheart his whole life, though. He’s always concerned for others and is always willing to help Eric and me out. We rarely have to get after for Tanis for being disobedient or disrespectful. He really is a good kid and I am so thankful that he is my oldest. He is my saving grace on many occasions!

Happy Birthday, Bud!

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