30 Days of Truth: Day 13


To be completely honest, I’ve never really thought about having a bucket list. There’s not much I’m just dying to do before I kick the bucket. I guess part of this is because I know there’s a lot that I’d like to do that’ll probably never even happen – so why bother?

Anyway, I guess I’ll try to think of a few things that could go on a bucket list…

I really miss acting. Like A LOT! I wish I had done it a lot more than I did in High School and perhaps I’d be in a different place right now had I continued with it.

I’m not big on travel. PERIOD. I love vacations, but I hate the time it takes to travel anywhere. Going out of the country scares the crap out of me as it takes me out of my comfort zone quite a bit. However, I love tulips and windmills have always kind of entertained me – so I’d LOVE to go to Holland some day and see tulips en masse and windmills up close!

I actually enjoyed school. I enjoyed learning. I enjoyed the social aspect of it all. I’d love to become a pyschologist and figure out why certain events can lead people to do all kinds of unimaginable things. This also scares me a bit as I’d have to study some pretty crazy people, but I would feel like I was doing something to help someone.

So, there’s a start. Perhaps I will think some more on my bucket list and add to it, now that I’ve got a beginning.

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One thought on “30 Days of Truth: Day 13

  1. Lynette says:

    I feel the same about bucket lists. 🙂 And I also feel exactly the same about traveling!! It scares me, too! I've never even flown in a plane, but when I do, I do NOT want to go alone. And I'm not too sure I want my first airplane trip to be to a foreign country! 🙂

    I concur with the acting, too. I did a lot of it in high school and I miss performing in any aspect in front of people, but I figure I get to entertain my children — they make a pretty tolerant audience. 🙂 🙂


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