24th Ball Game

Pioneer Day was a full fledged day for us this year. And it’s a good thing – really.

We left the house around 10:30/11:00. Eric, the boys, his Dad and my little bro all went to Captain America. The girls and I headed to Eric’s parents house to do some digi scrapbooking with Eric’s mom.

Eric’s mom had the idea to make a book of our Omaha trip. She thought it’d be fun if we worked on it together. Of course, I agreed. Any excuse to scrap, right? In the 3 hours the guys were gone all we accomplished was 1 full page and 2 started pages.

It takes me a bit longer making a page in MyMemories Suite than if I was using Paint Shop, but I wanted to use the same program as my MIL. She was getting frustrated with the program as well and was trying to figure something out and just couldn’t get it figured out – so she swapped to her favorite program in the end, anyway. LOL!

Anyway, this is the page I completed:

When the boys returned we had a quick lunch/dinner – whatever you wanna call it. We had French Dip Sandwiches or BBQ Chicken Sandwiches. Of course I opted for the French Dip. I ate too much, but it was so yummy.

While my MIL was cleaning up lunch, I decided to take the two little ruffians (Nate & Ailey) for a quick ride to my Mom’s. My little brother had slept over and left his bag in our car when they went to the movie. Well Eric’s dad dropped him off at his house after the movie, so he still needed his stuff. I figured Ailey and Nate needed a change of scenery for a bit.

I visited with my Mom for about 15/20 minutes and she seemed so thankful. She said she was feeling kinda sad that she wasn’t going to see any of her grandkids on the holiday. (My brother’s MIL had a birthday that they were celebrating and my little sister was out of town). I was thankful that I took a few minutes out to go visit her. Ailey even said, “Bye, Grama!” and waved. I didn’t realize she knew who Grandma was and that’s what she was called – it was awesome!

When I got back to Eric’s parents it was time to head to the Bees game! I always enjoy the games and love the fireworks after. We had to wait a bit in front for Eric’s bro and girlfriend, Sava, as Eric’s Dad had bought tickets online and didn’t have physical tickets for us. Ailey was sitting on the ground and of course found all the cigarette butts she could. Thankfully, I caught them all and through them out before she stuffed them in her mouth.

We got settled in our seats and waited for the game to start. Eric’s brother had had to run back to the car for something and when he came back – he had a Bees shirt for each of the kids! Apparently him and his girlfriend had gone to a game the week before and they were giving shirts out to the kids. Sava asked if she could have 4 for the nephews and neice and they gave them to her. They are so sweet.

After a few minutes Greg and Sava took all the kids, minus Ailey, with them and disappeared for awhile. When they came back Nate and Shaylyn had face paint on! They looked so cute. Lex and Tanis opted not to get any done.

Our seats were located right behind the RC Willey seats. We were being silly and were like, “Okay, we’re right behind the RC Willey seats – you might get on camera kids.” When the guy and Bees girls came over a few minutes before they started the camera rolling we got talking with the guy. He oogled over Ailey and said how his wife would just totally fall in love with her. (Aww, I know my baby’s cute!) During the conversation it came out that we were telling the kids to get ready for the camera. The dude then asked if the kids wanted to be part of the segment. HAHAHA! It was awesome!

I did feel a bit bad for the people that had won those seats and that we invaded on their territory, but it was only a kid and an older sister. Had it been like a real big family I wouldn’t have let it happen. It was fun to see our kids on the big screen. Sadly though, Tanis was hidden in all the pics I got of it.

After awhile the rain really started coming down. Thankfully there wasn’t a whole lot of people at the game that night so we were able to move all the way up under the covered portion of the stadium. It was a good game and the Bees won it – which is always exciting. We had to wait a bit for the fireworks because of the wind. They waited for the wind to pass (Which it never really did) before starting the fireworks. The fireworks of course were AWESOME, but poor little Ailey didn’t like it at all! Thankfully Daddy held her tight and everything was cool. Apparently Nate slept through most of the fireworks – LOL! Silly little man!

It was a good night and I always enough nights at the ballpark. Wish we went more often.

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