Nebraska: Day 6 – Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We took Wednesday easy.

I think Eric may have run a few places with his Dad again, but I don’t remember for sure. I just know that the kids and I took our time getting ready for the day and didn’t go anywhere.

We took time to visit with Eric’s mom and grandma and we even made cookies. Okay, so Eric’s mom mainly made the cookies – the rest of us didn’t help a whole lot. Shaylyn said she wanted to help, but then kept getting distracted by other things. I believe when Lex decided to help with the next batch, he actually did help.

After dinner Lex and Shaylyn decided to go play outside. While they were outside they had started to catch a bunch of fireflies. This time they had jars to put them in. I went out with them and told them not to get too many because I wanted to get pictures of them doing so when it was a bit darker.

We went in for dessert and when we came back out there were hardly ANY fireflies. I felt so bad. Because of the rain they weren’t out as much as they had previously been and my pictures didn’t turn out so great.

Nathaniel had woke up around dessert time and decided to come out as well. (That’s why he looks like an orphan child) He had fun running around crazy and Shaylyn was nice enough to give him a few of the fireflies she had caught.

Shaylyn was so excited with what she had caught and couldn’t wait to get them home. Eric and I were sure that they’d all be dead before we ever got back to Utah, but somehow 2 of those little buggers lived. I’m sure they’re dead now, but they sure proved Eric and I wrong.

After the kids had gone to bed as well as Eric’s dad and grandpa, we were trying to get Ailey to sleep. During this trip she had taken to Eric’s mom who would sing her to sleep. We tried that for awhile and she just wasn’t wanting to fall asleep. It ended up okay though because Eric, his mom and I stayed up until 2:00 a.m. chatting away. (Ailey feel asleep around midnight or so)
We had some awesome conversations and learned all sorts of things and enjoyed conversing with each other. Eric’s mom is so easy to talk to and I think Eric and I both kind of let everything just go with the conversations we had. I wish we had more nights like that.

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