Nebraska: Day 5 – Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday was an early start day. We were heading to the Henry Doorly Zoo. This zoo is awesome and I’m always amazed when we go to it. The animals seem much more at home in this zoo then they do in our zoo. This zoo is massive in size. Get a good workout walking this zoo, especially when you add the humidity into it.

We got to the zoo shortly after it opened and had a blast just walking around seeing things. This day was a bit overcast, but that helped so that it wasn’t quite as humid. It was still humid enough that Shaylyn decided to run through every mister they had to see how wet she could get and I eventually had to pull my hair up off of my neck.

At one point it started drizzling on us, but in Nebraska – it felt sooo nice. It’s not a cold rain, but it killed off the humidity just enough.

We had a great time at the zoo and I’m sharing some of my fave pics, in no real particular order…

We got ‘home’ from the zoo just as the storm really came through. We got drenched just walking the few feet from the driveway into the house. Crazy rain out in Nebraska.

The rest of the night was spent inside away from the rain. Although I think when Grandpa headed out to check out his garden, Shaylyn went out for a bit as well.

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