Nebraska: Day 4 – Monday, July 4, 2011

The day started out slowly for me. Eric had gone with his dad and grandpa to Best Buy to buy his grandpa a Kindle.

It’s kind of a funny story about why they took him to get one. I guess in previous weeks in church he’d see everyone that had some sort of electronic gadget that had the scriptures on it. He kept telling Eric’s grandma that he needed something like that. So like on day one grandma mentioned it to Eric. And it was funny to hear Grandma tell the story. Eric figured a Kindle would be best for Grandpa as the print is bigger and it’s much more like a book.

So, anyway they go to buy Grandpa’s Kindle and make a few other little trips. They were gone for probably 2 hours or so. I got to work getting the little kids ready, but then didn’t get myself ready as Mom and Grandma were busy with something, so I didn’t feel like asking them to watch the kids. I just figured I’d get ready when Eric got back.

So when Eric got back he had to get the Kindle all set up for Grandpa, which took a bit of time. He hadn’t really realized up to this point that I wasn’t ready yet. I told him I needed him to watch the kids so that I could do so.

I get in the shower and get ready and then Eric tells me he doesn’t think he wants to go to the store anymore. I got frustrated and was like, “You could’ve told me when you got home.” But after looking at the clock he realized it was a moot point. We were going to go see a movie and one of the show times was at 1:00, but since it was past 1:00, he decided we had time to go to the store, but we had to hurry.

The reason we went to the store was because Eric’s mom had paid the kids for watering the flowers she had planted. She gave each kid $10 (She normally wouldn’t give the 2 little kids anything, but because it was a vacation – she did…LOL! She actually gave Nate $11. Nate wanted dollars to hold onto, but there was no way we were trusting him with a $10 bill, so she gave him a $1 bill to hold onto.)

Off we went to Walmart (Sad that even on vacation the default store is WALMART) to let the kids choose toys. Tanis had a tough time finding what he wanted but eventually settled on Harry Potter Uno. Shaylyn found some Atlantis Legos. Lex grabbed some sort of Legos as well. Nate originally wanted a Megatron or Bumblebee toy, but for whatever reason got some of the little action figures of Captain America and a couple of his villains. For Ailey I found a Jack-In-The-Box that had a little monkey. At first I was just curious to see if it would scare her. It didn’t. In fact she got mad anytime the monkey was hiding. I then saw a cute little doll. So I grabbed both toys, put them in front of her and let her choose. She chose the Monkey-In-The-Box. I’m glad she decisive. 😉

We got back to Grandma’s long enough to change diapers and put the toys away. We then grabbed Eric’s dad and we headed to the movie theater. We went and saw Cars 2. I enjoyed it and Ailey even slept through most of it like I hoped she would. I guess Nate dozed off towards the end. He was sitting by Dad and when the movie ended Dad scooped Nate up. I was glad to have an uneventful movie viewing. The end credit song drove Eric and I nuts as we couldn’t place one of the singers. Brad Paisley was an easy catch for me, but the other singer I struggled to figure out. I had to Google it later to discover it was Robbie Williams and then I could place him.

We had dinner shortly after getting home from the movie. Then I took the kids outside to blow off some energy. Ailey LOVED being outside and is happy when she can explore.

After a few minutes Eric’s mom came out and asked if I wanted her to take some family pictures. (I had us all dressed for the 4th, so of course I wanted pictures) We decided to get some with Grandma & Grandpa in there as well. So glad we did this.

After pictures, Mom, Grandma & Grandpa went back inside for a bit. The rest of us started some of the fireworks. Things like snaps and what we thought were smoke bombs, only to discover they weren’t. I’m not sure what they were, but it wasn’t necessarily a smoke bomb.

We wanted to wait until it was a little darker to do the ‘real fireworks’ so we went inside for dessert. (We had dessert every night. My kids NEVER get that at home. LOL) I had Strawberry Shortcake and I think the kids all had some form of ice cream.

After dessert it was show time. I didn’t really get pictures of the fireworks because Ailey absolutely HATED them. She would run to me, grab hold of my leg. When I’d pick her up she’d be shaking and crying. She liked the colors, but hated the sound. Nathaniel didn’t really care for the loud noises either and felt much safer watching them from the safety of the porch.

After the fireworks were over, the kids caught some fireflies. It’s an amazing thing – fireflies. I’m still amazed by them and I’ve been to Nebraska 3 times now.

We had a wonderful Independence Day!

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