Nebraska: Day 2 – Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday morning, we woke up, got ready, had a quick breakfast at the hotel – which actually was pretty picked over by the time we got there – and then headed over to Cabela’s. It was about a minute drive from the hotel.

I think we were all a bit disappointed about how small this Cabela’s was. The one out by us is TONS bigger. However, they did have a big Elephant display which was kind of cool.

They also had the little mountainous scene like the Cabela’s by us has and of course, Eric and his Dad immediately picked out the Cougar among the animals.

We didn’t stay in Cabela’s long and we were on the road in no time at all. I think we got to Eric’s grandparents around 4 or 5. We got settled into our little room in the basement and then just took time to get reaquainted with each other. An hour or so later Eric’s brother, Greg and his girlfriend arrived. They weren’t able to stay the whole week, so they decided to make a marathon drive on Saturday, stay around on Sunday and make another marathon drive back to Utah on Monday. We had Pizza Hut for dinner and ate till we were full. We then visited some more.

Greg decided he wanted to go see Transformers, as did Eric’s dad. Eric was all for going to see it again, and Greg’s girlfriend insisted I go with them. I was hesitant as it meant Eric’s mom would have to babysit and I could see in her face that she was tired and didn’t really feel like watching the kids, and I was super tired. The movie didn’t start until 10 something. Being the person that Eric’s mom is, she agreed to watch the kids.

I got the little ones bathed and ready for bed and Tanis followed soon after. When we left Tanis and Nate were already lying down and Shaylyn and Lex were going to take turns getting in the bath and then they’d go to bed. I figured Ailey would go out like a light since it had been such a long day. I later found out she feel asleep only 10 minutes or so before we got back.

So we went to the movie. It was in 3D and I actually kind of enjoyed it that way. Eric didn’t like it as much. He’s not a huge 3D fan. It was like 1:00 when we actually got back to Eric’s grandparents. I felt so bad for Eric’s mom and grandma who were both still awake and then hearing that Ailey was awake most of that time. We thanked them both and then headed off to bed.

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