So, I Splurged…

Last week, on about Thursday the weather was supposed to be in the high 90’s. I decided I was going to be a nice mommy and surprise my kids with a pool.

I wasn’t going to go all crazy and get like a ‘real’ pool, but I wasn’t going to do the cheap, plastic little kiddie pools either. I wanted one that I could actually sit in with the kids. Even if it didn’t cover me A LOT, I just wanted to be able to relax once in awhile as well.

I discussed the pool I was looking at with Eric and he finally gave in. (He’s not a big water person, nor does he like the fact that pools other than the cheap kiddie pools ruin the grass) So, with permission, I head to the store and look for the pool I had decided on buying. I didn’t tell the kids what I was getting so they were getting anxious when I kept walking around the pools. I just couldn’t find the pool I was looking for (once again, I HATE OUR WALMART), but found another one I really wanted to have but I knew Eric would hate – it was also a bit out of the budget.

I argued with myself while I bought the other things I needed at the store that day and by the time I was done I decided I was going to just buy it.

It took more work getting up than I anticipated and I had about 20 neighbor kids just hanging around waiting, so I finally let them get in for awhile before it was totally filled up. I told Eric what I had done and he wasn’t happy with me, but was somewhat relieved when he saw that the size of the pool wasn’t quite what he imagined.

The next day we had to dump the pool out, move it and refill it because I had it on a slope. We thought it was good – but Eric still wasn’t quite happy cause it was still on a bit of a slope in the new spot. We were going to ignore it, but then the neighbor kid and our daughter decided that it was fun to watch all the water spill over the side. UGH! So Saturday night we got to move it AGAIN and refill it. At least now it seems to be on move level ground and the kids have been warned.

Even with all the work (and the angry hubby), I am SO glad we got this pool. I’ve wanted one since I was a kid. And this pool is just pefect for relaxing a bit and the older kids can ‘swim’ without floatation devices. Ailey likes it okay, but she was only in the first day. The other times I’ve been in she’s been sleeping or shopping with Daddy. Nate LOVED it the first day, but absolutely hates it now. Not sure why.

And to all my neighbors – I’m sorry you have to see me in a swimsuit. Next year we will hopefully have a fence, so you only have to endure the awful sight for a few more weeks!

Anyway here’s some pics:

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