In Bloom?

So ever since we’ve lived in this house we’ve had this nice dirt pile. The builders must think that everyone is a gardener and knows everything about gardening or that those who don’t will study up on it. Well, we don’t anything and neither one of us has any interest in studying up on it.

With our limited experience we’ve tried planting things in this lovely dirt pile many, many times and nothing likes to stay. It recently became a digging pile and the kids were digging their way to China. Honestly – Shaylyn said they were digging a tunnel to China. LOL!

Anyway, a few weeks ago Eric’s mom discovered a flower that she had planted in her yard had pretty much taken up her yard. This flower grows like weeds and is supposed to grow in harsh environments. (Which is what we have….) So she thought it might work in our space.

So she told Eric to get the dirt pile ready. She had to tell him to do it cause he obeys her. Had I told him to do it he would’ve just laughed at me and told me to stop dreaming. 😉

She bought like 4 new plants to plant in our area and then brought transplated starts from her yard. This is what it now looks like. One of the flowers in the back was a start and it’s actually growing already! YAY!!! That means there’s hope. Most of the middle plants were the ones she bought from the store. I look forward to seeing what happens next spring/summer!

***For the record, I didn’t make the little boys help. They did it of their own volition…True story!***

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