Another Year Older

On the 11th of June Lex turned 7. Seriously no idea where that time went and it’s been so interesting to see him grow.

Lex just loves life. It’s hard to get him down. As long as something’s going on and he is able to participate in some way he’s as happy as can be. He is a breath of fresh air with this love of life.

He had a ball game on his birthday so we took cupcakes for him to hand out after the game. Then we came home and had him open his gifts from us. It wasn’t a big number, but as we explain to each of our kids – you have x amount of dollars and that’s that. So some years you may end up with more gifts than others, but you always have the same amount of money spent on you.

He enjoyed riding his scooter for most of the day and then just HAD to put his Lego set together. After all that fun we took him to dinner. He requested we go to Denny’s! Yuck…He’d never even been there, but because Denny’s is a sponser of the ball league out here this year he thought he should go. The good news was that the kids all ate for free. YAY!

It took me 2 weeks to get a Family Birthday Party put together for Lex. I was originally going to have a party on the 19th of June, but then my sister pointed out that Father’s Day was the 19th. So that wasn’t going to work. I then realized it HAD to be last weekend because this weekend is way too crazy and then we hit July.

Well we threw the party together for Saturday, June 25th and I was really sad when only Eric’s parents and my little sisters family showed up. (My parents were out of town for their anniversary and everyone else had different plans, apparently) I felt bad that all the other kids had such good turn outs for their parties, but Lex didn’t because of my procrastination. I wasn’t upset at the work I did for the party – I really was just upset that so little people showed up for my little boy.

Thankfully with Lex’s love of life, the fact that only a few people came didn’t even faze the kid. He was so excited with the banner that I made, the way I put the tablecloth together and the characters I made to put on the walls.

In his mind, it was a great day. Oh, to be a kid again.

He was originally going to have a Transformers birthday theme, even the invites were Transformers. However, when we went to order the cake he decided he’d rather have a How To Train Your Dragon theme. I also realized he had Transformers LAST year. LOL!

Our Walmart is crap (another story for another time) and had NOTHING for How To Train Your Dragon as far as party decorations, so we got creative. We bought cups, silverware, plates and a tablecloth in colors that related to How To Train Your Dragon. I then decided I could find pictures of the characters in the movie and put them on the tablecloth and it would hopefully bring it all together. It worked pretty well.

Here are the party pics:

Next year I vow to be on top of Lex’s birthday. Last year he had to share his special day with his baby sister’s blessing. Yeah, I’m feeling like a bit of a failure as a mother with this birthday…still!!!

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