Memorial Day 2011

Memorial Day is usually the same for my family. The only thing that changes is the weather.

This past Memorial Day was no exception. It was supposed to rain all day, but it didn’t. When we got to my parents to start the walk to the cemetary it was cloudy, but not raining. After we got to the cemetary the rain started. By the time we left the cemetary it had stopped and the sun came out. Then clouds came back, then the sun. Oh well, it was still a nice day.

Most of us walked to the cemetary. The only ones who didn’t was my dad (he’s lazy), Eric, Tanis and Nate. Eric had to drive Tanis because Tanis is still pretty sick and I didn’t want him walking to the cemetary, Nate chose to go with his Daddy.

Because Shaylyn and Lex literally RAN ahead, I had to speed walk to keep up with them. Shaylyn and Lex had to stop and wait for me a couple times cause they had NO CLUE where they were going, and by this time my nephew decided to join them. So, I was trying to keep up with 3 kids. My nephew kept telling me I wasn’t going fast enough and that I had to hurry up. Yeah, he pretty much says whatevers on his mind.

We got to the cemetary before all the other walkers and Eric got the boys out of the car and met up at the graves with us. Because there wasn’t a lot of us there yet, I was able to get some nicer pics of the headstones.

We didn’t stay as long as we usually do because the rain started. So then we headed back to my parents house. We had a bbq and then all the guys started playing games, while most of the women visited.

After a bit my little sister and I decided to go downstairs and play Just Dance and my Glee singing games. She’s about the only one who’ll play those games with me. It was a fun night and when we had enough of the games, we went up and just visited.

It was a very low key, relaxing day and I’m glad we get to have some holidays that are relaxing!

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