I Do Appreciate Them

Teacher Appreciation week was a couple weeks ago.

I never got a note for Shaylyn’s teacher or Tanis’. And of course, Lex showed me his like mid way into the week. I didn’t do anything for any of the teachers that week. It’s not cause I didn’t want to, I just couldn’t really think of anything to fit into the mold that was presented for Lex’s teacher and like I said neither Tanis nor Shaylyn had a note. This could be because Shaylyn’s teacher had a baby in mid-April, and isn’t at school and Tanis’ teacher doesn’t have a room mom. I also had ‘one of those weeks’.

By the weekend, I was feeling better and decided I really needed to show appreciation to these teachers. I have been way impressed with Lex’s and Shaylyn’s teachers. Tanis’ teacher didn’t really impress me AT ALL, but she deserves recognition just as much – and Tanis has really enjoyed having her.

Because I had the opportunity to go into Lex’s classroom every Friday I got to see the way his teacher taught and how sweet she was with each of the kids. Even the way she disciplined children was very calm and loving. I wish I could parent that way.

Every time I talked to Shaylyn’s teacher at PT conferences and when I’d see her in the halls on Fridays, she was always so positive and you could just feel the love she had for each of the kids in her class. I’m pretty sure she has a nickname for every kid in that class as well.

Tanis’ teacher just kind of seemed to be ‘there’. I dunno. Every other teacher he has had has gone out of her way to help him where he struggles. She didn’t. She didn’t really even act like it was a big deal. Even after I pointed it out to her. But even saying that, she was always polite and we could have a small chat if she saw me in the workroom on Fridays. I didn’t dislike her by any means, like I said I just wasn’t that IMPRESSED with her.

Anyway this idea came to me pretty much all on my own. YAY!!! And I hope the teachers enjoyed it. We actually ‘hand-delivered’ the one for Shaylyn’s teacher because she happens to live in the same apartment building as my little sister and we were LITERALLY in the neighborhood. I made sure I explained to Shaylyn’s teacher’s hubby that my sister lived in the building so we seemed maybe just a little bit less psycho.

So here we go:

* We bought plain jars/vases. I then used my handy dandy Cricut and cut out the words “You Make School Sweet” in vinyl. I then added a little red vinyl apple to each jar. (Had to have the apple, right?) I then tied a different colored ribbon on each jar.

* We then bought a few things of candy to go into the jars. Tanis made this part of the gift easy. He told me that his teacher really liked yellow laffy taffy, so I bought laffy taffy and decided to make each teacher a ‘color coded’ jar. Tanis’ teacher had yellow, Shaylyn’s had green and Lex’s had purple. (They were the colors in the laffy taffy bag). I then added some mints and 100 grand candy bars.

* I had the kids write little notes in three categories: I ENJOYED _______, I’LL REMEMBER ________, THANKS FOR ____________.

* I made each teacher a card following this card made by KWerner.

* Inside the card we left this message. (My effort to bring the candy we chose into the gift…)

* The finished product.


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One thought on “I Do Appreciate Them

  1. Lynette says:

    Hey, Shilo! It's me, Lynette. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I have been wanting to read your blog, but when we updated our computer, I lost my bookmarks and just found your blog again!

    I LOVE your Teacher's gift. I think it's very clever and you should be proud of your talents. And who cares if it's “late” — it's the thought that counts! You're a terrific, mom, Shilo!!



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