I Was A Senior Hottie (Eh, Then Again….Maybe Not)

So my friend at Utah Mom’s Life happened across this blog hop and I decided to jump aboard. And I’m probably going to go overboard on pictures, but this is fun – right?

So this is my Senior Year photo:

What? It doesn’t look like a real ‘Senior Year’ photo? That’s because it’s not. My mom decided it was much cheaper for her to take a few kids at a time to Sears Portrait Studio (With coupons in hand), than to pay whatever company the school hired. But, if you want a ‘real Senior photo’, here you go, taken right from the year book:

Here’s a few facts about Senior Year…

* I was NEVER a morning person

(See, I told you… I’m quite scary in the mornings – still)

* I spent an awful lot of time with some dude named Eric…

* I acted, a bit…Wish I would’ve done more

* I was in Concert Choir – which I’ve decided is for those people with even a small bit of talent, but not yet talented enough for Madrigals…(And as a bit of interesting useless history…My 2nd cousin married my Choir teachers daughter) So in the Spring we got to go on a Choir tour to Vegas:

…Can you spot me?…

While in Vegas, that dude Eric and I got hitched.

(Okay, not really…it’s was a digital picture thing where they stuck our heads in some premade picture)

After the Choir Competition we headed to Disneyland (It was my first AND only time at Disneyland – SERIOUSLY)

(The dude in this picture is one of Eric’s buddies…)

* I was also in Lit Mag. Which was our school’s poetry/writing book. It was seriously one of the greatest ‘clubs’ I’ve ever belonged to.

(I’m totally rocking the scrunchie and those girls that are hugging are sisters, just so you know…)

* Graduation sucked…End of story. But here’s some awesome pics of it for you to enjoy!

And that my friends is me, in all of my Senior ‘hotness’… And truth be told I much more enjoy these photos of my Senior hotness than I do of the photos of all my mommy hotness.

Now if any of you would like to be as brave, all you gotta do is do it and link on up!!!

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5 thoughts on “I Was A Senior Hottie (Eh, Then Again….Maybe Not)

  1. The Random Blogette says:

    You were so adorable! And really you looked so young. I was in Concert Choir too but ours was called Acapella. The funny thing is that we rarely sang acapella, but we did make a cd. Now I have to go find it!


  2. Rheanna says:

    You were and are so gorgeous! Seriously, your senior pictures look good…..If I knew where mine were I'd play along, but unfortunately—my pregnant self is just too tired to go on a scavenger hunt for them….maybe another time!


  3. Liz says:

    The streetlight-style halogen lamp with the bench and fake moon?!? I think you win for best photo backdrop!

    Thanks SO much for joining in!


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