Just Visiting…

So I made a mistake.

In December.

At Christmas time.

On a gift for my Grandma.

Smooth, huh? So why am I just mentioning it now? Read on…

For my Maternal Grandma I once again made her the birthday calendar, but I had to update it because of so many births and because I had so many missing pictures. This go around, I got more pictures, but also had more people to add. At times it was hard to do. June alone has like 15 people…

Anyway, so I got the pages all printed off and gave them to my Grandma for Christmas and left things at that. A few months later I get a message from my little sister telling me there was a problem with Grandma’s book. When I asked her about it she told me that I put my niece’s birthday a month late.

Now, I know when my niece’s birthday is. After all she is almost exactly a month younger than my baby. So why I put her in the wrong month, I don’t know. Although if I had to make a mistake, I am so glad it was my sisters kid since my sister knows I didn’t do it out of spite or anything.

Anyway, I told my sister I would correct the problem before her daughter’s birthday. Well her daughter’s birthday is coming up in a number of weeks and I just BARELY decided to fix it. Since the field trip on Friday, I decided that I needed to also visit my Grandma. It was one of those times where you get this feeling that you need to ACT on.

On Monday I decided that after the kids got out of school we’d go visit Grandma and take the fixed months. It takes a good hour and 20 minutes or so to get to my Grandma’s if you don’t take the freeway – which I don’t really enjoy doing. However, on Monday I decided that I’d take the freeway to my Grandma’s but not home.

We got to my Grandma’s and she was so thrilled to see us. I didn’t call her ahead of time because I wanted to surprise her. I knew I was taking a chance that she may not be home – but it worked out. She was super surprised, but so happy at the same time.

We were the only ones there and that made it sooo nice to visit one on one. My kids are all so good and love visiting Great Grandma. That isn’t something they got from me. My great grandma scared me. HAHAHA! Anyway, they had fun visiting and playing with the toys in her toy drawer. They also got to have root beer floats – which is a staple at my Grandma’s house. I always remember having one when I slept over!

Because we were alone, it also meant that I had a good talk with Grandma and she shared a couple stories I had never heard before. My Grandma is going on 95 and is amazingly ‘with it’. She forgets tiny, unimportant things here and there, but wow her long term memory and things are still amazing!

I love that I got this chance to visit with my Grandma, and I’m so glad she’s still around. We had a talk about her still being alive and she pretty much told me she’s still alive because she’s afraid to die. LOL. I told her it’s because the rest of us are selfish and won’t let her leave.

Anyway, it was a good day spent in one of the very best ways possible. I didn’t want to go home,
but my motherly and wifely duties called. I’m hoping to spend more time with my Grandma this summer. I need to make it a priority. Anyway here are just a few pics of the day!

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One Comment on “Just Visiting…

  1. Awww, how cute is your Grandma! You look great Shilo. Ailey's hair is AMAZING!! I'm so JEALOUS. Your kids are so stinkin cute!
    So your sister invited me to her private blog and I didn't get online for awhile and the “invite” expired, could you let her know to re-send me an invite?? She's cute! I am going to come do hair in Utah, I haven't forgotten about you. I've been SOOOO BUSY! I am in the YW's presidency out here and I'm also the Assistant stake camp director. AHHHH! *RIP MY HAIR OUT* ANyways, when things calm down, I'll let you know. How's your neighbors across the street? AHHH! It kills me to know they're living in our house! 😦 I'm so sad. I miss it SO MUCH out there! Oh well… life goes on! Love ya!


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