Hope Of America

On Tuesday, May 3rd, Tanis had the opportunity to go to the Marriott Center to sing with a bunch of other 5th grades from other schools. The program was centered around America and how great it is to be a part of America.

In bad Mommy moment 5,452 I forgot the camera at home! It pretty much ruined my whole night. Okay, not totally – but I was really upset! Especially cause I kept saying to myself, “Do this, then that, then pack the camera.” Anway with that being said, I got what I could with my cell phone. Which wasn’t much…I couldn’t get ANY closer than what I did, which means you can’t actually ‘see’ Tanis.

However, he is on the top row, in yellow. He is seated above the first red row and is the 3rd kid in. Maybe if you have super amazing powerful eyes you can see him…Anyway, here are a few pics from the night and a video clip of a few of the songs…The last song at about 5:22 in the video was probably my favorite part! ENJOY!

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