Our Week-End

Most of our weekends are pretty laid back, come and go as we please and whatnot. This weekend wasn’t. It was a pretty packed weekend, but also so much fun.


Shaylyn had an Achievement Day Recognition Night. Because it was held in the chapel, we all had to get dressed up. I wasn’t too thrilled about it for anyone but the girls.

While Eric’s mom was looking for Easter dresses, she came across some other dresses that weren’t ‘springy’ or ‘Eastery’ by any stretch of the imagination – BUT these dresses fit mine and Shaylyn’s personalities perfectly (Black for Shaylyn, Hearts for Me). Once his mom discovered that they had the opposite dress for baby girls – she bought both girls the dress.

We got them the same time she gave us the Easter dresses, but because Easter was first these dresses had to wait. I was so excited that they could wear them on Thursday that I had to get some pictures of my cute girls. (And yes Eric I will email these to your Mom as soon as I’m done with this post!)


Lex had his field trip to the zoo, which he wouldn’t let us forget about. He even woke up extra early to make sure he’d get there on time. Eric said he’d go to the zoo with him, so Eric took him over to school. Eric said that Lex was so excited he kept saying, “This is my daddy. This is my daddy.”

After Eric got Lex all situated he came back to pick up the little kids and I. I wasn’t originally planning on going, but as the day got closer I decided, ‘What the heck?’

It was kind of a cold day, but tolerable. I didn’t take a lot of pictures of Lex because he was always with his group and I didn’t want to offend the other mother with us.

Driving home we encounted a snow storm. Luckily we missed it at the zoo and luckily it was a wet snow, so it wasn’t too terribly scary. We had the rest of an uneventful night.


Lex’s 1st ball game of the season. Why they didn’t cancel it – I don’t know. We woke up and it had rained/snowed, but it was done doing so and the sun was shining. We left Tanis and Shaylyn home because they just didn’t want to go. But we had the two little ones with us. I kept them in their warm jammies hoping it would help keep them warm.

About 5 minutes after we arrived at the game, the sun disappeared and it got COLD! Luckily they called the game a bit early and just in time too as it started snowing again!

Lex did great during the game however and didn’t let the cold stop him. He is such a natural at this game and he enjoys it a ton!


We finally got around to celebrating Nathaniel’s birthday. I felt bad that we did so 2 weeks after his birthday, but the Sunday before his birthday we had just got back from vacation. The Sunday after his birthday was Easter, so it left this past Sunday. I was a bit sad as Eric’s parents weren’t able to be there as they were in Nebraska visiting Eric’s grandparents. All in all though, he had a fun night.

— My little sister got Nate these jammies. They are perfect for his nickname. —

It also happened to be my Mom’s birthday, so I made her a cake and made her blow out the candles as well. She turned 55, thus the 5 candles on each side – we do what we can!

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