Hopping Down The Bunny Trail

Ah, Easter Weekend. Always sneaks up on me and always passes by way too fast.

Saturday I had a bit of a bad day, so we got started later in the night. It was one of those days where I just felt overwhelmed and unappreciated and just overall stressed out. I knew I couldn’t let the kids down though, and I actually enjoy doing little things with the kids so we dyed eggs around 6.

It’s always so much fun and Nathaniel was actually able to do it with very little guidance. Of course, he DROPPED the eggs in the dye cup, but he knew what he was doing and had lots of fun. Ailey was too little and I wasn’t even going to attempt it for her, so she missed out. I guess I’m mean. I took one of the last eggs and put it into every color and made it a nice blue color that Eric should be proud of.




On Easter Sunday the kids got dressed in their new Easter clothes from their Grandparents H. The girls looked beautiful and the boys looked so handsome.

I had to take pictures this year because Eric’s mom (who usually takes a zillion pics of the kids in their clothes) went out of town to visit her parents. We were running a bit behind to get to church on time so I had to hurry and some of the kids didn’t want to cooperate.

After church, we headed to my mom’s. We spent a fun night together just visiting. All in all it was a wonderful Easter.

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One thought on “Hopping Down The Bunny Trail

  1. Marisa says:

    Either you are super brave, or I am super lazy … I hate the mess of dying eggs, so my children paint them. I wish I'd taken pictures … they were awesome. Anyway, good for you! I can't imagine any of my children at 3 years old dying eggs … it would have been a disaster!


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