Hopefully The Terrible Two’s Are OVER!!!

Someone in the house had a birthday last week. It was Nathaniel. He turned 3 on the 19th. I still can’t believe he’s already 3. It really seems like yesterday he was the baby (literally) of the family. His 3 years of life have flown by.

We waited until Daddy got home to open his presents, but he didn’t mind. He was kind of oblivious that it was his birthday until the gifts came out. That is one good thing about younger kids. The older kids know when it’s their birthday and make sure you remember a zillion times a day…

Sadly the kid has to wait another week for his birthday party since Easter got in the way. Oh well. Again, because he’s little he doesn’t really care.

Anyway here are the birthday pics of the cutest 3 year old in the world. (Okay, I’m a little biased…But how can you not love his blue eyes and blonde hair?)

His favorite gift by far was his bike. He couldn’t wait until Daddy had it all put together. (And yes, I may have been in a bit of trouble for getting a gift Eric had to put together. LOL)

At 3 years old Nathaniel:
– Can speak in complete sentences
– Remembers songs
– Can figure out how to play whatever he wants on my phone
– Loves playing video games
– Decides he’s done eating if one of his siblings says it first
– Loves to play with his little sister
– Is very much still a Mommy’s Boy
– Loves to be outside
– Still has difficulty sleeping through the night
– Loves to play with his cousin, Ty

We love Nathaniel and are so thankful for him!
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