3 Loves All Mixed Into 1

So last Thursday afternoon, April 23, I get this message from Eric saying, “Be ready to leave right after you get home from the school tomorrow.” (I help Lex’s teacher stuff the homework folders every Friday) I replied, “HELLLOOOO, I’ve got to get my teff fixted first.” Eric said that he forgot and that if I felt up to it we’d go after the dentist.
Well the dentist went just fine. They just took the temporary crowns off and put the permanent ones on. It hurt a bit, but it was a tolerable pain.

We went to lunch first and then we were off on our ‘mystery date’. I had an idea of where we were going, but I wasn’t positive. I had mentioned to Eric while driving home from our vacation that he should take me to the Tulip Festival. We had never gone before and every year I’ve wanted to go, only to forget about it. I didn’t think Eric had really even paid attention. HOWEVER, that is EXACTLY where we ended up! I guess my hubby listens to me more than I think. Which is amazing, cause I ramble A LOT!

Anyway, it was a bit of a nippy day – but not too bad. We only had Ailey and Nate which made the date even more enjoyable because we weren’t getting after kids every 2 minutes. I think the pricing for this place was insane, but I was so glad we went. It was so pretty and it reminded me of my Grandpa’s yard when he was alive….Of course, his yard had other flowers – not tulips, but it was just as beautiful.

All in all the day was perfect. I got to spend my FRIDAY with MY BEST FRIEND seeing MY FAVORITE FLOWERS IN THE WORLD!!! Thanks, babe!

And someday, I’ll actually get to Holland!!!

Now, I’ll share some of my favorite pictures with you…




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