Keep On Talking

Since the day Shaylyn started talking, she hasn’t stopped! Seriously. I think the only times she isn’t talking is when she is sleeping or eating.

She started talking a bit early and caught on to things quickly. When she was young the song, “Can’t Stop Loving You” by Phil Collins was fairly big. We sang it to her when she was feeling sad or needed calming down.

When she was 18 months old we went camping. 5 minutes after we arrived it started raining. We were stuck in our tents for a few hours. Shaylyn was getting restless, so we sang the song to her. A few minutes later she turns to my little sister and says, “Don’t stop loving me.” At 18 months she had figured out how to change the verb in that song to reflect what she wanted us to know.

A year or so ago Shaylyn decided that she was too shy to speak in front of a group. She wasn’t really, it was just her way of getting out of things like giving a talk or saying a prayer. Of course I knew that and didn’t let her get away with it too often.

Last week she comes to me and says that she is the narrarator for her 3rd grade program AND she was excited about it. (See I told you she just used the “I’m shy” bit to get out of things she didn’t WANT to do.) She was even more excited that it was on a Friday so her Daddy would be able to see it.

The program was on April 8th and she did such a good job. It makes a parent proud. She was so happy and excited and that is always fun to see as a parent. Our little girl is certainly growing up and I guess sometimes it’s a good thing that Shaylyn doesn’t know how to shut – up. 😉

— Making Faces at Nathaniel —

— I added the video so that those of you who are interested (mostly the grandparents) can watch it. It is about 10 minutes long though, so be prepared. —

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