Harry, Eliza and Frank

I’m not sure of the details, but for some reason the kids all got to dress as their favorite book character today. And of course, none of my children told me this ahead of time. They told me at bedtime last night. Lex’s teacher had written a note about it on their weekly homework sheet, but we didn’t do homework on Monday. But what’s even worse about the fact that it was on their weekly homework sheet is that I could’ve seen it on Friday. I’m the one who stuffs the homework packets each week, so how I missed it – I don’t know. Anyway, this is what our kids decided to dress as.

Tanis – Tanis has always enjoyed Harry Potter. We did things a little backwards in this family and let him watch the movies first, then he decided to read the books. When he decided to read the book, he read and read and read. I’ve never seen him so ‘into’ anything. So it was fun to watch and hear about the story from his perspective. So Tanis decided to dress as Harry Potter. (Thank goodness for Halloween Costumes and out of date glasses!) Shaylyn – For Christmas a couple years ago, Eric’s mom and dad gave Shaylyn some simplified classics books. It took her a bit to get around to reading them, but when she did – she went full force. Yesterday, when they mentioned today, she said she was going to be Alice from Alice In Wonderland because that was her favorite. So when I woke up this morning I was figuring out how to dress her as Alice. When I got out of bed, (waking up and getting out of bed are usually 2 different time frames for me) Shaylyn informed me she wanted to be Eliza from Pygmalion. I’ve never even read that book so I have no idea what it’s about. Thankfully the book had some illustrations, so we did our best. Shaylyn got inventive and decided that one of her “Princess Dresses” that Eric’s mom made for her (also a Christmas gift one year) would work. However, she refused to wear tights and nice shoes. Lex – I had no idea what Lex was going to dress as. He doesn’t read and I’m not a very good parent and I don’t really read with my kids. So I was suprised this morning when Lex had it all worked out. He was going to be a Hardy Boy. Smart kid. He knows about the Hardy Boys because his aunt and uncle sent him a Hardy Boy story for his birthday awhile ago and for part of one of Eric’s gift I bought him a small comic book ::ahem:: graphic novel of The Hardy Boys and Lex has really enjoyed that (And hey, I did read Eric’s book with him). So Lex decided he wanted to be Frank Hardy. We tried our best. All in all, I’d have to say not too bad for last minute notice. Eh?

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