We’ve Been Down This Road Before…

So with Eric’s new found obsession, he had a friend tell him that he had a pistol that he rarely used and didn’t really like that he’d sell to Eric for $100. Of course, Eric was all over that! It was a good $150 less than what he was looking into spending. And again, Eric couldn’t wait and HAD to get the gun on Friday. Friday we drove up to Layton (which is where his buddy lives) in the rain/snow/slush. Because of the weather Eric decided to flip the 4-wheel drive on. After a little bit, we started smelling a burnt smell (Which we’ve smelled before – just stay with story) so Eric pulled over and turned the 4- wheel drive off. We got to his buddy’s home with no issues to speak of. Eric got the gun and visited with his buddy for a few minutes and then we were headed home. After 5 minutes of driving the wheels completely locked up. Luckily Eric could feel it going and was able to pull off to the side of the road. And just a luckily we were in a fairly residential area so the speeds weren’t horrific and we weren’t stranded on the freeway. We are both very ticked off. This 4-wheel drive issue has been ‘fixed’ 3 or 4 times in the last 2 months. The first time it happened we were one the freeway and started smelling the burning, it wasn’t until a day or so later that Eric realized it was the 4- wheel drive. The next time it happened we were on our way to a family event around New Years and this time the wheels did lock up. The third time Eric was on his way home from work in a bad storm and the wheels didn’t lock up but it was burning again. I won’t tell you how many thousands of dollars we’ve put into repairs and had it supposedly fixed. HA!

Anyway, we would normally call Eric’s dad with this issue, but his dad had been in the hospital all week with some health problems. So Eric tried calling his brother’s cell phone. Well his brother never answered. So Eric decided to call the home phone hoping his brother would answer. To his surprise his Dad answered. Eric just tried to get his brother on the phone without telling his Dad too much (His Dad had just gotten out of the hospital, remember). I am not totally sure of what happened next as I was on my phone trying to get the older kids taken care of, because I KNEW we wouldn’t be home by the time school got out.

Somehow Eric got talking with his brothers girlfriend and the next thing we knew Eric’s dad was calling him back. His Dad (Who HAS to help out when he can) told Eric that AAA would be a better service than Roadside Assistance. But to get AAA’s help, the card holder (Eric’s Dad) has to be present. We were so hoping not to get Eric’s dad involved because of his health, but we failed. While we waited the 45 minutes or so for our rescuers, we had lunch at Arby’s and totally loitered in the building. We got back to Eric’s parents around 6:00 and then borrowed his Dad’s van to get up back home. We didn’t get home until close to 8:00. In and of itself the car issue stressed us out. But then it was also the Pinewood Derby night. That started at 6:30. Luckily our good friends – who took the kids for us all night – also had to go to the Pinewood Derby, so they just took our kids as well. Eric and I had done some of the last minute things getting Tanis’ car ready before we left so all Tanis had to do was put stickers on it and the weights on it. Eric was going to do all the weights and last minute fixes when we got home after getting the gun. Well that didn’t happen and because of that Tanis’ car didn’t even cross the finish line his first two races. 😦

I was so sad to hear that. And I was even more upset that I wasn’t there for him and for his last Pinewood Derby race in Cub Scouts. Thankfully Tanis didn’t hold it against us and posed for a picture with his car and ‘award’ when we all got home.

We decided that we needed a way to blow off some stress. So we decided that Saturday morning we would take the kids shooting. (I told you Eric is obsessed!!!) There is an outdoor place about 20 minutes from our house where Eric had gone shooting the first time. He took us there. It wasn’t crowded and we found a nice, secluded spot. The kids had fun just running around outside. Eric and I were able to shoot off some stress. The 3 older kids even got the chance to shoot off Daddy’s rifle, which some enjoyed more than others. We also brought Daddy’s little bb type gun for the kids to shoot off while Daddy and Mommy were shooting the real guns. And yes, there was one parent keeping an eye on the kids at all times. Eric even redeemed himself by getting a picture of me with the pistol.

After shooting we had to run a few errands and go to a few stores. We had a yummy dinner at Cafe Rio and afterwards we headed to my parents house to celebrate my Dad and sisters birthdays. It was a nice family day and much needed after the Friday we had.

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