Family Home Evening Board Do-Over

So we’ve had this Family Home Evening board for awhile and it’s been with us so long that all of the ‘name hangers’ and pegs are missing. Plus, the colors don’t really match the look I’m going for now, so it was time for a Do-Over.

Here’s the old board:

And here’s the new board:

You may think the color combo is odd, but it matches the colors in our couch AND it’s the colors I wanted as my wedding colors before my hubby shot me down. Anyway, you can find the supply list below.


BOARD – Already had, but you can find them at any craft store
PEGS – Not sure, but I found them at Roberts Craft
PAINT – Folk Art Enamels: Fresh Foliage
Folk Art: Wicker White
Folk Art: Bright Baby Pink
Apple Barrel: Burgundy
RIBBON – Stampin’ Up: Celery
FONT – Pea Noodle’s Girlfriends

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