Trigger Happy

It all started with something the men have termed ‘Manrichment.’ The smart men of this ward decided to go shooting one blustery March morning. Eric was psyched and couldn’t wait for Saturday to arrive. He got in touch with his ‘favorite’ uncle to ask if he could borrow some guns or better yet, come with.

Well his uncle said that Eric could borrow a gun and that he’d see if he could work it out to go with him. As the days neared closer to Saturday, Eric decided he’d much rather buy his own gun rather than borrow his uncle’s. He’s wanted a gun for awhile, but it’s never really been at the tippity top of his list – until this wonderful outing.

So with some of our tax refund in ‘hand’ he headed out to a gun shop on Thursday evening. He came home with some sort of rifle. All night Thursday and all of Friday Eric was prepping his gun for Saturday. I was surprised he pulled himself away to go help aforementioned uncle with a project on Friday night.

Saturday came and off Eric went. And he was gone for 3 or 4 hours. When he came home, he was so excited and couldn’t wait to go again. Thus he made plans for us to go on a date – – to a shooting range…

Now, I am a good sport and he promised me dinner – so I agreed. Plus to see how excited he was to share something he was so avid about with me, made me want to do it just for him.

So last Saturday, March 19th, we had our date. Eric’s brother and his girlfriend took all the kids (minus Ailey) to the Living Planet Aquarium and Eric’s parents took care of Ailey for the day.

We got to the shooting range and Eric said that we could rent a smaller gun to try out as well since I wasn’t so thrilled at the idea of shooting his rifle the whole time. Plus, he wanted to try out another type of gun as well. So we rented a pistol. I wanted to try a gun like the cops always have in cop shows.

First shot was made by me WITH the pistol, and it was actually kind of exciting. Here’s my shots:

Shot Target

Then Eric took his turn with the pistol.

Eric with Pistol

Eric then decided it was time for me to try the rifle. DISLIKED it. I guess I was standing wrong at first and so Eric corrected my stance. After getting in the correct position – shooting the rifle irritated my already not so trusty back, so I opted to only use the pistol from then on out. It was something I never thought I’d do in my entire life, so that was cool to have done something like that.

I LOVED the pistol and told Eric that if we ever went again, we’d have to use a pistol for me. So now… Eric is searching to find a pistol that we can both sort of agree on. He thinks then he’ll get me to go shooting with him more often. HAHAHA!

Here’s me with that stinkin’ rifle – can you blame me for not liking it so much? Eric was SUPPOSED to take a picture of me with the pistol – apparently he didn’t….Makes me mad…

Shilo With Rifle

After our shooting match we headed to an early dinner. It was so nice to not be interrupted by kids. We haven’t had a real date since our anniversary in November. We usually go to lunch on Fridays because Eric is off every Friday, but at those lunches we are trying to keep Nate from going crazy and trying to keep Ailey happy by stuffing food in her face. So to actually have a meal without shouting over kids was nice.

After dinner Eric let me go shopping, while I dragged him along. I got a few new items and it was nice to actually hear what Eric liked and what he didn’t like so much. I bought a new dress that ended up being just a little too small for me and while it looked ‘okay’ on, I felt really uncomfortable in it. It is now serving as my incentive to keep exercising.

We were both feeling pretty tired and run down so we decided to call it a day. We headed back to Eric’s parents to pick up the kids only to find that they weren’t back yet. So we just chilled with Ailey and it was nice to have that one on one time with her.

All in all, it was a great date and I’m not quite as scared of guns as I used to be….Although, they do still scare me… And Eric, well Eric is totally obsessed right now. In the years Cabella’s has been in Utah – we had been once. We’ve now been there 3 or 4 times in the last week and a half if that tells you anything.

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2 Comments on “Trigger Happy

  1. Jon would love a date like this. I'll have to look into a shooting range that will let us just go and shoot. All the ones I looked into before in MN wouldn't let us just come and shoot, we would have had to take a class (that is around $100 or something). He is just like Eric and really likes shooting. Maybe one day I'll get as adventurous as you …. right now, I'm still scared spitless.


  2. After “Manrichment” now Doug wants to go buy a gun too. He had so much fun. Crazy men.
    Glad you had fun. 🙂


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