Whoopsie Daisy er…. Shilo

So in all the craziness that was our month of February I kinda forgot to mention something…

Ailey turned 9 months old on February 13th!!! 9 months and now within just a few days she’s going to be 10 months old. I think I shall cry now…

Anyway, when we took Ailey to her dr. appt. things looked good and she is growing well. She has slimmed down some, but is still tall. (Big suprise, right? HA!)

Her 9 nine month stats were:

– Weighs: 19 lbs. 11 oz.
– Height: 29 inches

At 9 months she:

  • Cruises the furniture CONSTANTLY
  • Is a super fast crawler
  • Loves to be with her big brothers and sister
  • Has a fairly regular routine
  • LOVES bathtime
  • Wants to walk, but gets scared
  • Has 4 teeth – Oddly the first two that popped up on top aren’t the middle teeth, but the teeth next to them. At the current time she looks like she has fangs.
  • Says ‘Dada’ constantly
  • Likes to see pictures of babies and people that she knows
  • Enjoys helping unload the dishwasher (A little too much)

Hopefully at her 1 year mark I’ll be on top of things…

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