Something’s Not Wired Right…

This is a story about this cute little thing:

Yes folks, that is Shaylyn when she was about 1 1/2. Besides the fact that her baby sister is almost an identical clone, she is scar free.

Does that seem like an odd thing to say? Perhaps, but this little girl has seen her share of concrete and other objects that just seem to cause injuries. Like the time she fell down the window well or when she got smacked by a thrown toy car. She so does not fit the mold of girly girl. She is ALWAYS getting hurt in some way.

Today was no different.

We had a bad morning this morning. Tanis was busy playing a video game, Shaylyn was watching Tanis play and Lex was busy watching Pokemon. Tanis was ready for school – minus the shoes and socks. Shaylyn was ready for school – minus the shoes and socks. Lex was totally unready. I asked him to get ready a number of times and he ignored me. Finally when he learned he had to leave 5 minutes ago he got ready. I think I need to make some rules like, “NO TV OR MOVIES UNTIL YOU ARE COMPLETELY, 100% , TOTALLY READY FOR SCHOOL.”

So the kids left for school about 5 minutes late. This meant that Shaylyn and Tanis were stressing out not wanting to be late. I got them out the door and was like, ‘FINALLY’!

About 5 minutes later the front door opens and Shaylyn starts walking in. My response was, “What the heck?” after which I heard a neighbor (who was right behind Shaylyn, without my knowing) say, “She fell down and was bleeding. I cleaned it off a bit, but I figured she should probably come back home and I sent the other kids to school.”

Shaylyn’s face looked like this (only bloody):

–And no, I didn’t take this picture right then – I waited until she got home from school. —

Apparently they were running to school and she fell. The poor girl. She was pretty shaken up and in tears AND worried about being late. I told her I’d send a note and thn she calmed down. Luckily she wasn’t too scraped up, but one little area got scraped up a bit more than the others – thus the bandaid.

I am just amazed at how often this girl is getting hurt. I thought it was the boys that were supposed to be in constant bruises, scrapes and bandaids. In this family it’s the little girl. Somehow the wiring in our genes must’ve gotten messed up because Shaylyn has had more cuts and stuff than her brothers. It’s craziness I tell ya!

Oh, and for the record – Shaylyn says she feels much better now. Just in case any of you thought I was heartless and recording my daughter’s pain instead of making her feel all better. 😀

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