There’s This Thing…

So about two years ago we had this situation where Shaylyn didn’t show me a note from school about celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday and being able to dress up for it. So that morning I had to pull something together. The original post is here.

Thursday morning Lex tells me that he has a note for me in his backpack. He looks for a minute and then says that it’s not in there. I don’t think much about it until I get onto Facebook and someone is saying they are making their kid a Grinch costume for tomorrow.

Now this kid is in Lex’s school class, so I asked this person if she was making it for school and explained that I had a feeling I didn’t get notified of something. She replies that yes, it was for school and that they were celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday and the kids could dress up.

Luckily it was early in the morning when I found out so I was able to go to the store that afternoon. I figured since Lex is a boy the easiest thing to do would be to make him a Thing. I also had this idea that I would make each of the kids a Thing shirt.

I found a red shirt in both Tanis and Lex’s size, but couldn’t find the right type of shirt for the other kids, so I bagged the idea and just stuck with Lex’s. I found iron on transfer paper for dark colored fabric that works IN THE PRINTER! I also found a blue ski cap thing to work as the hair. I tried to find red sweatpants or something, but our Walmart SERIOUSLY needs to get more clothing in the boys section!

At home I made the circle thing and got to work transferring it to the t-shirt. Such seriously hard work. LOL. We also decided that since we couldn’t find red sweatpants he’d just use some pj bottoms. I thought the whole get up didn’t turn out as great as I imagined in my head, but Lex was THRILLED. Yay!!! And we spent less that $10 which was also a good thing.
When I went to Lex’s class there were A BUNCH of THINGS there, but some not quite as ‘extravagant’ as Lex’s, a few that were a little more ‘extravagant’ – so all in all I didn’t feel too bad.

Anyway here’s my THING (He’s quite possibly my most favorite THING ever!!!):

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