Procrastination Never Pays Off…

So……yesterday was the big day for Tanis. The day of the District Science Fair. Because of the way they had the night planned out, I had planned to just stay at my sister’s place and go back and forth from her house to the school.

So at 4:00 I headed out with Tanis and Lex (Eric would be bringing the other 3 kids with him later). We arrived at the school about a quarter to 5:00 to get Tanis all checked in and set up. The time for the check in and set up was from 3:00 to 5:00, so we cut it close, but there was A TON of people in the same boat as us, so I was relieved. The judging without students was to take place from 5:00 – 6:30.

After we got him set up we went to my sisters place for about an hour. It was fun to just be and to see my cute little niece and nephew again. It seemed like I hadn’t seen them in forever and my nephew is always excited to see his “COUSINS!”

At 6:00 we had to leave so that I could get Tanis fed before he had to go back to the school. We went to Arby’s and stayed for all of 5 minutes before we had to leave to get Tanis to the school on time. He had to be there at 6:30 so that the judges could judge with the kids there. We got Tanis where he needed to be and then Lex and I headed back out to the car. I was originally going to go back to my sister’s place, but after seeing how crowded the parking lot already was, I decided to just stay put. We were going to sit in the car until Eric arrived, but Lex had to go to the bathroom, and so did I. We went into the school to go to the bathroom and I decided to just stay in the auditorium where a bunch of other parents were waiting.

It was a LOOOOONG wait, but Lex and I played Uno on my phone for awhile, so that helped pass time. Just before 8, Eric arrived with the rest of the kids. The plan was that from 8 to 8:45 parents were able to walk through and view all the projects. We went to get Tanis and then we started to look at some other projects, but with it being as crowded as it was – we just went back to the auditorium to wait for the award part of the night.

The awards were supposed to start at 8:45 and around 8:30 I told Eric we should just leave. While I wanted to believe that my kid would get an award, I was trying to be realistic at the same time. We didn’t spend a lot of time on his project and it wasn’t extravagent or anything. However, we decided to sit it out.

They got the awards part started at around 8:50. The guy in charge said that there was 300+ projects there that night! Here’s where things get a little confusing. He said that they had like 50 Honorable Mention type awards and then 70 that would be going on to the Area Fair or whatever at BYU. That sounded backwards to us, but whatever.

Eric thinks that maybe there was only 70 kids total that got awards, I think it was 120. But neither of us really kept track.

The only thing we cared about was hearing Tanis’ name called. And… finally was! They guy even pronounced his name right. Tanis was one of the Honorable Mentions! He was sooo excited and he couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. I missed the opportunity to get a picture of him placing the medal on his neck as I was holding Ailey and the camera was on a weird setting. However, I did get these pics:

Sadly, I think there was only 2 awards given to kids from our school. And both of those were only honorable mentions. Oh well. I am just happy my kid got one of them.

When we got home I snapped these pics of Tanis and his medal:

He was so proud and excited about his win that he even insisted on wearing his medal to school today.

Good job Tanis!

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