Medicine, Man

A couple Sunday’s ago I noticed that Tanis’ finger looked a little sore and red. I told him we should have grandma (Eric’s mom is a nurse) look at it before we left her house. Well, once again I forgot. So it went untreated.

Throughout the week it started to look worse and worse. Eric had decided that if it didn’t look better in the next day or two (with Neosporin being put on it regularly) then we would take him in to get it looked at.

Well, we were having dinner at Eric’s parents house again, and I actually remembered to have Eric’s mom take a look at the finger. She immediately says that it is incredibly infected and we should take him that night.

So after dinner and after visiting for awhile we took a trip to Instacare. Ailey was running a high fever as well, so we figured kill two birds with one stone.

When they got us back and while the nurse was doing all the vitals, she then asked Tanis, “So what are we seeing you for today?”

Lex replies: “He’s INFECTED!”

That was hilarious and we all started laughing. We explained to her that Tanis’ finger was infected, she took one look at it and said, “Ouch.”

The doctor sees us almost immediately and gives Tanis an rx for an antibiotic and tells us that Ailey probably just has a virus. UGH – we spent $90 for 2 minutes of his time. Ay yi yi.

As of today, Ailey feels more like herself and Tanis has to take 15 ml (3 teaspoons) of his antibiotic 3 times daily. Thankfully, he understands what it is doing so he takes it willingly even though he hates the taste.

This is Tanis’ finger today:

I feel bad we put it off so long. And to think it all started from a hangnail. Poor kid!

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