30 Days of Blog Posts: Day 24


I’m not sure why this made the list of blog posts, but whatever. And yes, I am going to email this to my parents since they don’t really read my blog!

Dear Mom & Dad,

I know I don’t tell you a lot about what’s going on with me and what I feel, but I think it’s time you hear a few of my thoughts and feelings.

First of all, I want to thank you for the type of parents that you were. I just read a book where because the mom was mentally ill and the father was working most of the time – the children were left to fend for themselves and take care of each other and their mother. I am thankful I didn’t have to experience that. I am thankful to have had a mother who was always there to wipe away a tear and to care for a sick child. I am thankful for a father who was home at night and a father that always supported us.

I am thankful for the selflessness that you both shared with me. Mom: you were always putting aside your wants to take care of our needs. I can’t count how many hours were spent sewing clothing for us to wear and for a clean house and a nice meal EVERY night.

Dad: you spent many, many years at a job you pretty much HATED to care for our family and to provide for us. I know that had to be a less than exciting thing to do day in and day out, but it was very much appreciated. I am happy that we had what we needed though at times we may not have had all of our wants.

Mom, thank you for teaching me HOW to clean. I may not always follow the same example that you taught me, but I am thankful for the know how. Thank you for sacrificing yourself to bring myself and 6 wonderful siblings into this world. I am so happy to have the family that I have.

Dad, thanks for suffering through so many musicals and plays, it meant a lot to always have you there!

Thanks for playing personal chauffeur to and from work so many, many times.

But most of all, thanks for being you!

I love you,

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