30 Days of Blog Posts: Day 20


What an awesome topic for today: Valentine’s Day. And I promise I didn’t plan this ahead of time…I’m really not that great of a planner – ask anyone.

Anyway, the person I see myself being with in the future and the person that I married is:

Well, duh! Like you didn’t see that one coming!

Anyway, I will take this chance to be lovey dovey.

Eric has always been the biggest support and help in my life. He’s always 100% truthful and is always so very thoughtful. He sacrifices so much for me, for instance this past weekend we were both sick, but he let me take the easy way out of sleeping it off, while he took care of the kids. He is truly my best friend and I can talk to him about anything. I LOVE that we share so many of our interests and when we don’t share an interest we can still talk to each other about that interest and have someone who’ll listen. Eric is such a great daddy and the kids love that he will play games with them and just take an interest in their lives. He is a hard worker and does his best to support us everyday going on very little sleep. I love you and appreciate it ALL, Eric!

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