30 Days of Blog Posts: Day 19


So this post makes me super sad as I really have very few nicknames. So if any of you out there would like to give me some, I’ll take it…

#1 – Since I have been very, very little my parents have ALWAYS called me Shilo Bug. Not sure whether it was something my mom or dad came up with, but both STILL call me Shilo Bug to this day. Usually it’s my mom more than my dad, but it still comes up.

#2 – Eric calls me Babe. Yeah, real original I know. In fact, it’s rare that he actually calls me by my name.

#3 – For a short while Eric called me Smileybug, but that didn’t last long at all…

#4 – Trouble. My first boss called me Trouble. Not sure why and it was always meant in the nicest of ways.

And because I have a sheer lack of cool nicknames, I’ll add this one…

#5 – Shito. Yeah read that one twice. A kid I used to work with swore that when I signed my name I crossed my ‘l’, therefore he started calling me Shito

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