The Freaky, Fabulous Age of 9

I suppose I am a bad mom…Shaylyn’s birthday was a week ago and I am just BARELY getting around to blogging about her big day… Ah well.

Anyway, so this year Shaylyn was set on a friend birthday party because Tanis was able to have one when he turned 9. Ay yi yi…I really, really dislike hosting kiddie birthday parties. I don’t like chaos and I’m never quite sure how to entertain kids. But to be fair to Shaylyn we had a friend party anyway.

We did her party on Friday the 28th. We let her invite 11 kids – thinking that only about half would show up. Well 1 kid didn’t show up, one girl brought her sister and another girl brought 2 of her sisters (Yes, they all asked if it was okay and I am too nice to say no). So we had 17 kids in our house. 10 Invitees + 3 Siblings + 5 of our own kids = 17!

Shaylyn is really big into Monster High right now, so of course we had to do a Monster High party. I was lucky and found a website where a lady had come up with all sorts of games to play for a Monster High party. That made it easy.
I made the invitations on my own, they turned out like this:

Then Shaylyn and I had the same idea (without talking to each other beforehand) that the kids should each get an id card like they have on the website, so I came up with this:

I had planned to do 6 games and we only ended up having time for 3! I learned a few things. #1 – Make parties longer than 2 hours if food is involved and #2 – Some older children still SHOULDN’T be allowed to use food coloring!

The first game we did was a PIN THE TAIL on the Donkey type game, but since it was Monster High, I used Medusa’s son and used his snakes as the ‘tails’. The kids absoultely loved this game. Then we made slime, also a great activity – but also a messy activity. Finally, they played a game where they had to get their teams frogs into the correct bucket. I’m not sure how that went over as I was cleaning the kitchen and preparing things for dinner and the cake.

We then did presents:

Then it was cake & ice cream time…I was excited for Shaylyn’s cake, until I made it. I tried to use fondant, but it ended up really crumby. It worked out okay and served it’s purpose, but I was sad it didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped…Oh well.

Parents were coming at this point and so some kids were sent out the door with a napkin and a piece of cake. Wow, I really didn’t plan well.

Sunday morning, (her real birthday) we let her open her gifts before church. I went to a store that carries the Monster High Apparel and wasn’t going to pay $20 for a t-shirt, so I found her a necklace and earring set instead. She also knew was probably going to get an mp3 player like Tanis got for Christmas, but I wanted to surprise her a bit and I wrapped it in an empty rice box. Shaylyn gets the wrapping paper off and says, “Rice! You got me rice for my birthday!?” And because I was laughing so hard she followed it with, “It’s not funny!” It took Tanis telling her to look inside the box for her to realize she didn’t really get rice for her birthday.
Sunday night, we had the family party and it was a little bit quiet. 2 of Shaylyn’s uncles and 1 of her aunts couldn’t make it and her great grandparents had to leave before we really got to the good stuff. Oh well, she still had fun.

I didn’t want to mess with fondant a second time, so for the family cake I just iced it…Again, I got annoyed…These cakes just didn’t want to cooperate.

Luckily for me, Shaylyn was still thrilled and thought they turned out just fine.
For all her birthday pics, you can check out the website in the next week or so.

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