30 Days of Blog Posts: Day 8


Honestly, I don’t really set goals – especially short terms goals. I’m not good at the whole following through process, so I don’t even begin. I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions either.

However, in the spirit of these posts I will share 2 short terms goals because that’s about all I can think about.

GOAL #1: Continue to workout every week day:
Besides the obvious reasons for working out that often, I’ve found that it gives me the energy to do the things I need to get done in a day. If I work out right after the kids leave for school, I am so much quicker at getting the house clean and getting ready for the day.

GOAL #2: Post these 30 days of posts ON the day they should be posted:
I am putting this here because there are a few posts coming up that I’m not sure I’m comfortable doing or even that I’ll enjoy (this one for instance I put off because I don’t like it). Wish me luck with this one….

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2 thoughts on “30 Days of Blog Posts: Day 8

  1. Marisa says:

    I love that both of your goals are for you … not something like “spend more time with my children” or “finish scrapbooking year 2004.” Plus, I also love that your goal is not “lose weight,” but “just exercise everyday.” I don't think, like the comment before mine, that you are fo using on the end result at all … but how your life is different when you work on said goal. Nicely done.


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