30 Days of Blog Posts: Day 7


I’m going to go a few different ways with this…Hang on for the ride…

First and foremost:

Besides Eric practically threatening me to choose him, I would’ve anyway. Now besides the super mushy stuff I could say about why he has the biggest impact on me, I’m going to go with the less obvious and hopefully a bit less mushy.

Eric pushes me to be a better person. He doesn’t always tell me what I want to hear – he tells me the truth. There are times the truth hurts, but at times it’s necessary. Eric entered my life at a very crucial time. I could’ve gone down a much worse road had he not entered my life. Eric is honestly my lifeline and he is what gives my life direction.

Next up:

Okay, how can children NOT have an impact on you? Seriously. Each one of my children has taught me something about myself not previously known. They are examples of virtures I need to work harder on possessing. They’ve taught me that all kids need to be treated differently and they each have special needs. There is nothing better than hearing a very innocent, but so very true, “I Love You.”

NieNie is a plane crash survivor and mother. She is such an example of looking not on the outside but looking on the inside. And no, I don’t know her personally, but how amazing would it be to know someone that can see the positive side of things almost all of the time?


There are so many emotions I have on this subject. It is really hard for me to see this picture or to see videos depicting his death. I cry all the time! I am thankful for such a person that would take on the sins of EVERY single person on this earth and do it lovingly.

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