30 Days of Blog Posts: Day 3

This is a day late, but yesterday I was running around all day getting Shaylyn’s friend bday party all together and then carrying it out. More on that to come in a few days.


DAY 3: A Picture Of You And Your Friends

(I will say right now that I am HORRIBLE at getting pics with friends, so I’m doing the best I can here.)

In High School these girls were my very good friends. They were always around when I needed them. I still talk to them occasionally.

In High School the redhead and the dark-haired girls in the back were my very best friends. I worked with both of them and they were both there for me through some very difficult times. Sadly, I don’t talk with either of them very much at all!

One of my bestest friends in the world is my little sis. And for those of you looking closely enough, YES we have switched babies. As in, I am holding my niece and my sister is holding Ailey.

And my very best friend in the whole world is my wonderful hubby. I would be so lost without him!

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