Blast From The Past

So, almost a month ago…Not quite, but almost. December 10th, to be exact, we had a party with my family.

We have a “Christmas Party” with my family every year towards the beginning of December. This has gone on for a few years. The first few years we would do a potluck type dinner where we’d break into groups and buy items for a dinner. Recently, we’ve just decided that going out to eat is the best option.
This year we ended up at Buca Di Beppo, which I lovingly referred to as Pepto Bismol. The reference to Pepto Bismol had nothing to do with the food, it was just easier to remember and say than Buca Di Beppo was.

Here are some pics from our wonderful dinner:

We then headed back to our parents house for games. Each sibling had the job of coming up with some 15-20 minute game to play. My little sister went first and opted to do Minute To Win It. It was great.

The first challenge was to get bells out of a Kleenex box. Shaylyn and Tanis went up against each other, it was great.

We then had a few other challenges:
The point of this game was to get the Gingerbread cookie to their mouth without using their hands and starting the cookie on their forehead…

The point of this challenge was to get the ornament to roll with the air created by the package.

 The point here: blow the cards to the end of the table so that they hang and don’t blow all the way off…

This game was just where you had to keep 3 balloons in the air as long as you could. Eric went up against me, but there are no pics of me doing it.

Object: Pull out all the tissues using one hand…

The final challenge…Move the bags from the floor to the table…Uh yeah, only the little kids were agile enough to pull it off…Trust me – a few of us ‘older folk’ tried.

I can’t remember some of the other games, except for my Mom’s. She had a 4 corner thing set up in the basement. The object of this game was to choose a corner and my mom would pull a corner out of her bowl and if you were in that corner, you were out and had to serve some type of punishment. I got 2nd to last and my punishment was to do 5 sit ups…Now THAT was funny!

I ‘cheated’ and for my ‘game’ I just did a video slideshow of the past year. It was nice and ended up being 40 minutes. Yeah, I guess I broke the rules.
Anyway, it was a fun night and we had way too much to eat and way too much fun. Here are some other random pics from the night. And yes, Kaeloni, there is a Santa Claus…I mean…Yes, I will email these pics to you soon!
We had our snipers set up all around to keep us safe!
So not impressed, Mom…

He fell asleep on the way back from the restaurant and stayed asleep the rest of the night 

She hadn’t quite gotten crawling down at this point, but she was getting there. As of today, however, she crawls EVERYWHERE!
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