A Time For Giving

Giving gifts on Christmas can be a challenge for us as we are always working on a very tight budget and we have just a few kids to play Santa for. So finding extra money for our parents and siblings can be difficult.

For my maternal grandma I redid her Birthday Calendar. For my paternal grandparents I gave them a picture frame with the vinyl wording: You Are the Sunshine in Our Lives…I forgot to take a pic of the completed project, but this is the picture that went in the frame:

We copped out on our dads and just bought them the BYU Vans that Chevron put out. For our moms…oh, our moms….You know that saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…” well, that’s how I ended up feeling about my Mom’s gift. I had given her the same gift a few years ago, but it needed to be updated as the little kids had grown up and we had added 3 new babies. So I updated it to this:

I’m still not crazy about how it turned out, but it’s done. I did the same thing for my MIL:

Hers I liked A LOT!

For our siblings we went with something meaningful. My little sister pointed me to this – to make for her friends Christmas gift and a light bulb went off in my head…Instead of using the proclamation, we could use a song that said something we wanted our siblings to know. Here is how they turned out:

Whilst I was doing these projects I came up with these word art items as well. Word art is being used in the scrapbook industry a lot lately, so when I couldn’t find a couple that I really wanted, I made my own:

I also made a plaque for my uncle with my kids handprints on it saying, “Greatest Uncle Around Hands Down…” But forgot to snap a pic before wrapping it.

This is why I had no time for anything else in the month of December. I hope the gifts were received well and that everyone got the point we were trying to make. I enjoyed spending the time making them.

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