The Eyes Have It!

About a month before Ailey was born, I broke a contact. I was wearing hard contacts at the time and they were like 9 years old. (I had been in hard contacts since I was 15) I was out of luck. After hearing for years and years (from Eric) how much better soft contacts were, I decided to try it out.

We went to the eye doctor and because I only had my glasses to go off of (also about 9 years old), the doctor did what I thought was his best. I got a new rx and was sent off with new boxes of soft contacts.

I wasn’t seeing as well as I did with my hard contacts, but I wrote it off as just the difference in the make of the contacts.

Life was okay for a few months, but then – just a few months ago – things changed. I suddenly started seeing better out of my old glasses than I was with my new rx. It made me crazy, but I didn’t do anything about it because I had already used up insurance for the year.

Well about a week ago I tore the last lens I had for one of my eyes. Eric was convinced that the insurance had restarted (can’t think of the right terms at the moment) and so I thought I might as well make another appointment and try to get the right rx. Plus, we had a family party to go to – with my beautiful relatives – that weekend and I am so prideful that I really didn’t want to go in my glasses….So, ordering contacts would take too long.

Because I didn’t want to go to the same doc as I did previously (I really wasn’t impressed with him) I searched for an office that was open on December 23. The closest I found was the Target in Sandy.

So we head to Target and are running late, we get there and the place is PACKED. The lady tells me there are 2 people before me, but then they’ll get me right in. I’m not sure how long I waited, but it was awhile. Eric took the kids and looked around the store for some items so he wasn’t as bored.

I finally get called back and within 2 minutes I am already more impressed with the doctor. We discuss my issues and she does some tests. I had brought in my glasses and old contact boxes in case I was just nuts and my contacts were better than my glasses.

After her tests and looking at my glasses and contacts, she said, “Well, there’s one problem. These contacts aren’t astigmatism contacts and yet your eye has a bit of an astigmatism to it and your glasses also have some astigmatism correction to them.”

She then went to get the updated rx for me to try out. I put the contacts in and was amazed at how clearly I was seeing! It was instantaneous and then very clear to me that there isn’t any difference in contacts – the dr. I went to previously just wasn’t very thorough.

I thought it odd that my contacts didn’t have the astigmatism correction in it, however, because the previous dr. mentioned the same thing about my eyes. So either he failed to write the astigmatism on the paper he handed his office help or the office help didn’t look at the paper closely enough.

Either way, we had to pay for the new contacts because my insurance hadn’t started over, but it was money well spent. I am so much happier now that I can see like I used to. I would say that if anyone is looking for a good eye dr., go to the Target in Sandy. That dr. was so thorough and listened to my complaints and checked everything out.

Yay for seeing!!

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