That’s All, Folks

Okay, I just posted 13 days worth of blog posts in one night!

I apologize to all of you who may have been hammered with the posts on Facebook. I am done now.

I had to get the Christmas Countdown up to date. Even if none of you read it – as I’ve stated before, this blog also serves as my journal so I needed to update it.

I’ve been crazy busy working on projects for Christmas and blogging just was NOT at the top of my list. But now that the projects are ‘mostly’ complete (isn’t that sad – Christmas is 3 days away and I’m STILL working on gifts?) I had time for an update.

Within the next couple days I’ll keep updating the countdown, but I also have a couple fun posts to make. One will make my little sister very happy!
I will share one project with you before Christmas as it wasn’t a gift for anyone per se. The rest of the projects will be shared after Christmas.

Anyway, if you feel like checking out the countdown – do so. If not? No skin off my nose. But there are some fun pics in the countdown posts, so if you need a laugh – go ahead and just peruse the pictures.

Have a good night, y’all.

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