Happy Birthday, Ott

Today my Grandpa would’ve been 99. That is so weird to think about. Guess it’s a good thing he didn’t live this long, I just wish he would’ve lived long enough to at least see me get married.

Anyway, I didn’t want to let today go by without honoring his memory is some small way. I know I am cutting it close (11:15 PM), but I got busy with other projects today.

My Grandpa, Alma ‘Ott’ was born on December 14, 1911. He returned ‘home’ on March 27, 1993. So yes, we’ve been without him for awhile. The first few years after his death, we would still ‘celebrate’ his birthday.

One year (or maybe a couple, don’t really remember 100%) we did a Sub For Santa as a family for a family in my grandparents ward. We got the gifts together and delievered them on my grandpa’s birthday. It was something he would’ve wanted us to do – even if he was still alive.

After the Sub For Santa we headed to the cemetary. It’s always hard for me at the cemetary, but it was his birthday and it was just another way of honoring him.

I know for a few years after the Sub For Santa we would just get together and have a party. Kind of sad to have a party with the star of the party not physically present. I guess it was just a way for us as a family to keep Grandpa in our hearts.

We haven’t done anything for my grandpa’s birthday in years. And I guess that’s okay. We all still think about him. In fact, before I made this post (though, I’ve been thinking about it all day) I checked Facebook and found it interesting that my cousin made a simple status of: “I miss my grandpa.”

I miss my grandpa TONS! I have lots of great memories of him. And I’m sad that I can’t really recall his voice anymore. I am thankful to have a clear picture of him in my head and one that will NEVER go away. Though it makes me really sad to not have any pictures of me with him. That is one thing I really regret.

I hope that my grandpa is looking down on my life and is mostly proud of the choices I’ve made. I like to think that while he hasn’t been physically present to all of the big moments in my life, he was still there.

Happy 99th Grandpa! Thanks for the example you were to me. Thank you for letting us run around crazy in your backyard and for having colored lights out there to keep us entertained. Thanks for always being there the second we needed something. Thank you for working so hard and sharing what your hands cultivated with us. Thank you for being the strong pillar of faith that you were. But, most of all thanks for loving me. See ya on the other side (just not anytime soon)!

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